"Æon Explorer Project" Personal Marine Exploration Craft

This project has already launched.

The "Æon Explorer Project's" mission is to use our water craft for eco-tourism by providing an unequaled visual experience of marine life from the surface of the ocean. The average person, aqua phobic, mobility challenged or educator can safely pilot these wonderful new machines. If you can ride a bike you can pilot these water craft. 

A Social and Environmental Impact Venture

The AEON EXPLORER Project is a community owned venture. We are a group of dedicated individuals that believe the more people we can help to explore our fragile marine environment the more they will grow to love and preserve one of our greatest resources.

  • Physically challenged - When it comes to physical abilities concerning ocean exploration, most of us would have a hard time swimming a hundred yards or so to the fringe of a reef. The edge of the reef is where the action is. Never mind climbing in a shark cage. The explorer protects you completely while you observe predators in their natural environment.
  • A learning tool - See and interact with under water life. Observe marine life just like you would do snorkeling, except there are no barriers that you will encounter. An excellent tool for upcoming marine biologists.
  • SOLAR POWERED - The most environmentally friendly personal exploration craft.

Our instructors taking people out for the first time.

Our first ten year old test pilot!  

How your contributions will be spent

For every $10,000 we raise, an exploration craft goes into service. We expect to get manufacturing down to $5,000 for each unit in the first year of production as we ramp up our mold production and order raw materials in bulk. 

Our intention is to lease or franchise the "Aeon Explorer" to Eco-tour businesses. Proceeds will go to building more water craft and 10% will go to funding free weekend excursions for the disabled, the disadvantaged and our "Ocean Pilot's Federation" a boot camp for our youth. 


The Impact of the "Aeon Explorer" project

  • Tourist will enjoy a new and exciting way to observe and explore marine wild life. 
  • The physically challenged for the first time will have unencumbered access to the ocean environment.
  • Made in the USA 
  • By giving us a start, you will help by creating jobs in manufacturing and eco - tourism.  

We work with "Wounded Warriors"

We believe in giving credit, where credit is due.

It took a team to get this far, it will take a larger team to take this worldwide. We want you to know we are grateful to everyone that believed in us. It all started with a drawing and a concept, a year later we were doing test runs with friends and family. 

If you see value in our project.....

Please share on social media, we have spent the majority of our time in development which limited our time available to promote this incredible exploration craft. 

We don't spend money on professional videos, please bear with us, we could not justify $10,000 that we could use to make more exploration craft.  

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