March | The Dutch unisex label
March | The Dutch unisex label

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We are a Dutch unisex fashion Label. Our products are not for anyone in particular, and therefore they’re for everyone. That’s simply because Esmee van de Pol, our senior designer, tries to create unity in diversity through her clothing line. She creates unisex, unifying and timeless pieces of clothing with focus on detail and great fit.   

It doesn’t matter where you’re from, what your sex is, what your preferences are, what your religion or background might be. Everyone is welcome. Everyone fits in. No one is excluded. Our goal is to march the globe together. As a unity. 

Because we are all part of nature, and mother nature doesn’t judge or select or has preferences whatsoever, each collection will be based on and in a certain natural landscape. Starting off with The Dunes Collection. 

Moving along with all the natural processes that appear such as wind and water, the Dune landscapes come in all forms, shapes and sizes. The wind or water decides what the dunes do and don’t. Apart from that, they are considered a home to a countless number of species big and small. Moreover, they offer numerous forms of recreational activities to young and old of the human kind. Everyone is welcome. Everyone fits in. No one is excluded. That is why we chose the Dunes for this collection. 

The low cross on the trousers are ideal for women in order to wear waste-high, but at the same time excellent for men to wear them semi-baggy. The trouser legs are tapering and can be shortened easily by folding them. The use of stretching materials – even the threads are stretching – make sure they always shape to size. Lastly, the horizontally stitched pleat creates an off-hand but chic appearance which makes sure these trousers are suitable for casual as well as business related occasions. It’s ideal for anyone, anywhere, anytime.

This tee is unique in its segment. Stretchy and slightly oversized, which offers you the possibility to play with it. The fabric which this tee is made of, is a thicker material than the usual, which is why it drapes over the wearer’s torso in a unique and elegant manner. Close to the heart you will find the MARCH logo, so make sure you wear it with pride, or it’ll wear you.

The Unicap is called like that due to its unisex design. This easy-to-wear accessory cap is wearable by anyone. The caps are available in simple yet effective basic colours and have a 'M' embroidered on the front side of the cap. They are designed to march with. For everyone and with every outfit.

The logo displays a ‘M’ – signifying ‘MARCH’ of course – but done in a way that an abstract figure of a Ram is showing. This Ram represents the horoscope of designer Esmee, who is born in March, but it also represents the ability of marching all around the globe, overcoming every hurdle on its route, defying almost every landscape nature has to offer.

Esmee is a dreamy kind of girl with a busy and creative mind. She finds inspiration in everything and nothing in particular. Although her love for art, food and different cultures is a great source to feed her endlessly running mind. Because of her degrees in communication and styling she perfectly knows how to transform her ideas into the beautiful fashion of MARCH.

Tim Inen is straight forward in his thinking, as well as in his acting. That trait, combined with his financial degree and experience at international companies made him the successful business controller he is today.

Rob van Ravenstein is who we call the king of contacts. He got this nickname because of the way he acts like a chilled spider in his big network-web. He thinks in possibilities rather than difficulties and has a positive attitude towards life in general, which makes it hard to not like the guy.

Our models Kessia, Linda, Thaw & William are as representative of the brand as our items. In all honesty: we randomly picked residents of the world. It doesn’t matter where you are from, what you look like, or what language you speak; to wear MARCH, the only thing you have to be is human.

We hope you would like to back us in this Kickstarter Project. With the buttons below you are able to share our project with others. Hopefully you march with us around the globe! Last but not least we would like to thank everyone that made this project possible so far. Kessia, Linda, William & Thaw that were our models in the shoot, NISHI Amsterdam (Nigel & Shinta) the photo- and videographer of our shoot, Anouk for the support during our journey, Gido & Stella as our graphic designers, Patrick as our developer and Joep as our content creator.

Check our FAQ at the top of the page or send us an email to We're happy to help!  

Risks and challenges

As with everything, there’s an element of risk. We tried to show as best as possible the colour of our products on the pictures, but a little colour difference is always possible.

Shipping: We will send out a survey as soon as the project ends. Here you can state your preferences regarding colour and size, and you can let us know the exact address you want to get your reward shipped to. The goal is to ship all the rewards in August 2018, so they will be at your doorstep latest at the end of August!

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