Manako - Chapter 1, Awaken!
Manako - Chapter 1, Awaken!

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Manako Chapter 1 - Awaken!

Hi! I am Megumi from Hamburg, Germany, and this is the first chapter of an urban comic series I am working on. I released the german version on Amazon Germany last year, and the resonance was quite good - sadly the german eComic market is very small. That is one of the reasons why I would like to present it to a bigger audience. Which means, I want to have it translated into english and french.

There are 71 readable pages plus some character artworks. Most of the pictures are black and white, but because there are some coloured highlights, the whole thing will be printed in full colour.I really hope you guys will help me making it real!

The Story

College student Saya is a rather normal girl, living in Hamburg in a shared flat, taking the smaller and bigger challenges of everyday life. Then one evening, she becomes whitness of a grotesk scenery that will change everything she thought was real. The urban fantasy comic will tell her story as she learns about the unseen sides of the world,  herself and  her ability to "awaken" things she would have rather left asleep.


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