Make You Smile EP Pre-Order
Make You Smile EP Pre-Order

This project has already launched.

You've Come A Long Way, Baby

When we started Moonlight Social more than 7 years ago, we knew we were a little different. In fact, people told us constantly. Sometimes it was a compliment, and sometimes it was, well — bless their hearts. 

But now, in 2018, we wear "being different" like a badge of honor. When we moved to Nashville (a common occurrence for dream chasers every day), we promised ourselves we wouldn't let the ebb and flow of music trends affect the music we make. We want to tell our stories the way we want to tell them and make the music that excites us. We found an amazing group of people who shared that same vision, and the Make You Smile EP was born.

Apparently We're "Different"
Apparently We're "Different"

 Listen to some of the new stuff (and old stuff) on Spotify below!

Alright, Cool, But What's So "Different" About This Kickstarter Campaign? 

Well, for one, we're not going to sit here and tell you we need money to make the music, because that's not true. 

The EP is done. It's coming out no matter what, and this campaign serves as a special pre-order. Instead of trying to simply make music, this Kickstarter campaign is about making history together and doing something you can only be part of once.

To do that, we need your help.

1. This pre-order helps us raise money to make physical copies of the Make You Smile EP and get them to the people who want them most. They'll be limited edition, which means the *only* place you can get them is through this pre-order or at a live performance (while copies last). We'll number every single copy so you know how special yours is!

2. We have a big goal of appearing on the Billboard charts as an independent country duo. Why? Because it's a milestone that can have a great impact on our career and help with reaching new fans, booking more shows, and making more music. It's a goal we set for ourselves and we're not afraid to aim high. But to hit it, we need your help. This pre-order helps us raise money to properly market and promote the Make You Smile EP with the goal of cracking those elusive charts. 

COOL BONUS THING: If we make it on any Billboard chart with this EP, we'll send every person who backed us with at least $40 a "Thank You!" autographed print-out of the chart!

3. We need to come play for you. With this pre-order, we're raising money to go on tour and come play in your town, or a town near you. The money helps us pay the band, put gas in the tank, and stay somewhere safe at night.

COOL BONUS THING PART TWO: If we raise enough money for tour support, every single backer gets on the guest list to a show of their choice!



Awesome goals! But What About The Swag?

EXCELLENT QUESTION. Here's what you get when you pre-order the new EP exclusively through Kickstarter! 


In addition to these rewards, backers get exclusive updates and more goodies throughout. We want you to feel connected to us, and we want to connect with you.

Ready To Get Back On The Road!
Ready To Get Back On The Road!

Reward Tier Disclaimers

Check out all of the reward tiers above and along the right side of the project page. Please message us with any specific questions.

  • Most rewards will be shipped in April 2018 
  • For the acoustic house concerts, Moonlight Social will provide an adequate sound system provided the distance is within 300 miles or a five hour drive. 
  •  Any distance beyond 300 miles will require additional travel and sound system accommodations to be mutually agreed upon and paid for by the backer. Thank You So Much!

Thank You So Much!

Your support with this pre-order is incredibly appreciated. Moving to Nashville has been one of the most challenging decisions of our career, but it's so incredibly rewarding now that we have this new music to share with everyone. We hope you love it and can't wait for you to be a part of this journey moving forward.

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On Location Filming A Lyric Video!
On Location Filming A Lyric Video!


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