Magnetic Chalkboard Paint
Magnetic Chalkboard Paint

Steps to Make Magnetic Chalkboard Paint

Required Accessories: Brush or roller, sandpaper, magnetic primer, chalkboard paint, tape.

Step 1st: Prepare the surface with sandpaper.

Step 2nd: Remove the sanding dust.

Step 3rd: Apply magnetic primer by using roller or bursh. Magnetic primer is paint which contains iron to attract magnetics. It is recommended to apply at least 3-4 coats so that magnetic can stick to the surface strongly.

Step 4th: Let it dry completely.

Step 5th: If magnetic primer is completely dried, its time to apply chalkboard paint over primer. Don't apply more than 1 or maximum 2 coats because it may decrease the mangetic strength. It will be ready to use, once it will be dried.

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