Billions of dollars are LOST annually to injuries sustained from slipping and falling. The average cost of an injury related to a slip/fall accident is $20,000. Objective is to develop a cost effective, easily maintained/applied/removable nonslip floor traction device that can be introduced to the slippery hazard within seconds, if not before the hazard presents itself, thus preventing any possibility that a slip injury can result. This can be achieved through the use of magnetic energy. Research suggests businesses invest excessive amounts of money, which proves to be costly, into slip resistant flooring, maintenance costs, and other "slip resistant solutions" which ultimately only provide "slip resistance" to a certain standard and cannot guarantee a slip-proof environment. Insurance companies give discounts if certain "slip resistant" protocols and solutions are implemented, including the use of a wet floor sign. Yet injuries still result.


To identify ALL slip hazard environments (commercial kitchens, bathrooms, recreational facilities, locker rooms, hospitals, nursing homes, any surface in need of a slip proof solution) and install the maintenance free floor magnets in only a select number of tiles or areas. Once the areas are "magnetized," non slip traction devices can be applied or removed with ease.


Using magnetic energy, traction devices can be used within seconds to turn a slippery environment into a safe walking zone. Once the maintenance free magnets have been installed, Magna-TRAX can be applied within seconds and create a slip proof environment, thus protecting businesses and most importantly, protecting those that come in to support the businesses. The business can maintain its current floor status with minimal installation of the anchor floor magnets. Magna-TRAX allows for easy removal and cleaning and doesn't allow for any areas to accumulate dirt and grime.


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