MagicJib — A Seriously Badass Video Motion Tool
MagicJib — A Seriously Badass Video Motion Tool

How about a video production tool that can pay for itself in the first two minutes you use it?

The tracks and dollies and sliders and jibs and cranes required to shoot motion video are big, expensive, and you never have them with you in the field. But, we all know that some motion in our shots makes an incredible difference. So, what to do?

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Welcome To MagicJib

Anybody who shoots video with a DSLR or smaller camera (recommended max of 4 pounds) needs a MagicJib. It is the first motion video production tool that you can actually always have with you — when you need it — where you need it. For remote, run & gun shoots, it's handier and more valuable than a tripod.

Video Value

MagicJib is so small and easy to carry that you can have it with you whenever you're shooting with your DSLR or any smaller camera (up to 4 pounds or so).

See our preview page on Kickstarter!

MagicJib lets you get motion shots in remote situations where you would have never, ever before gotten any motion shots at all. That makes your video better — more creative. Higher quality. More motion.

Worth more.


MagicJib handles any of the Canon or Nikon D series professional DSLRs and lenses, as well as all of the following smaller cameras:

  • Micro Four-Thirds (Panasonic, Olympus, Kodak) 
  • Blackmagic Pocket Cinema or Micro Cinema 
  • Sony Alpha or NX 
  • Fujifilm X 
  • Olympus PEN or OM-D 
  • Samsung NX 
  • Nikon System 1 
  • Panasonic Lumix 
  • GoPro (and other action cams) 
  • iPhone (or other smartphones) 
  • Any other camera rig 4 pounds or less
  • MagicJib Construction

MagicJib is a 100% professional grade product engineered with the durability and precision needed for heavy duty production usage. All structural parts are high pressure die cast Aluminum, with a durable black anodized coating. Bearing surfaces are precision ground for flatness and parallelism. Assembly hardware is 316 stainless steel. Bearing inserts are industrial Teflon®.

See our preview page on Kickstarter!

MagicJib is 20-inches long, or 30-inches long with its shoulder stock attachment, and weighs under 2-pounds. By rotating and locking the camera platform, you can instantly shift from vertical jibbing to diagonal or horizontal tracking shots.

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