Magic Whistling Lid
Magic Whistling Lid

This project has already launched.

The Magic Whistling Lid is a patent pending beautiful stainless steel universal cooking pot lid, fitting pots up to 9.75” in diameter, that whistles like a tea kettle when the water boils! So obvious, yet so absent from the kitchen..up to now. Meet the best cooking invention of the last 20 years, the Magic Whistling Lid!


Below is a close-up of the push-in lever to turn on and off the whistle sound:

Whistle On / Off Lever
Whistle On / Off Lever


I’ve done the design, testing, and prototyping, but the tooling and raw materials for manufacturing are expensive. So I need your support to help pay for an initial production run and make this great product become a reality. Don’t be a slave to the stove…let the Magic Whistling Lid whistle while it works and help give back time and peace of mind to you and your family.  I have lots of great rewards for project backers, so please consider funding to help make this exciting product come to life!

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