Magic Berlin - The Star - Part I
Magic Berlin - The Star - Part I

MAGIC BERLIN: Feel the Fantasy

Join the production community of ‘Magic Berlin’, a new fantasy-filled story that shows the wonders of Berlin and how the characters experience them, in a modern tale that is told through interactive innovation

Berlin is truly a magical city that leaves millions wondering about its many special features. That is why, in ‘Magic Berlin – der Stern’, author Julia Heller writes a Berlin-infused charming and captivating story that is turning into a multimedia, interactive and innovative blog-based storytelling experience that allows you to enjoy a very unique and entertaining form of Berlin-staged fantastic fiction.

In a transmedia approach, this urban fantasy novel is projected to be told through videos (filmed scenes of the novel), photos and photo stories, as well as through podcasts and music (we create or own soundtrack), and even painted art. It is also been designed to give you the chance of interacting with the characters and with other community members through different social media platforms. In essence, ‘Magic Berlin’ is a story that builds a literally fantastic virtual reality that you become a part of – and that we’re now inviting you to help produce. 

The story of ‘Magic Berlin’ is a true reflection of fiction imitating life with a delightful touch of magic realism. Lucia, the protagonist, is a girl like so many others. As she is about to turn 27, she moves to Berlin to find herself, and to start a new chapter of her life in the vibrant German capital – only to become more thrilled, intoxicated and seduced by Berlin than she ever thought she would be. 

While many people come to Berlin to start over, Lucia’s story goes far beyond that common experience. She finds a magical past, as she meets unusual people from the Berlin pagan and magic scene, and she dives into an unconventional, dangerous and exciting soul-seeking adventure that is marked by an unexpected polyamorous love story with LGBT facets that is as colorful as Berlin.

In the process, as you follow Lucia’s story, you’ll learn about almost unknown but still practiced faiths and beliefs, which are as ancient as its origins. You’ll witness old magical and shamanic practices that are discretely held every day in Berlin. In short, more than just following Lucia’s journey, you enter the often overlooked world of Berlin’s magic, fantasy and legends.

‘Magic Berlin’ is a very large and ambitious project which we want to develop in different and progressive stages. Our team of writers, artists and producers has been expanding with the project, and we are seeing in ‘Magic Berlin’ also an opportunity to create opportunities and jobs for many German creative professionals, which can turn this work of fiction also into a productive, awarded and economically rewarding professional experience. 

At the same time, we want to bring a new work of fantastic fiction to the German audience, as well as to the international public, while we also take a different and charming way of introducing a new perspective of an amazing side of Berlin that almost no one knows.

As we take ‘Magic Berlin’ forward, we want it to evolve from a self-created and self-determined collaboration of writers, actors, filmmakers, musicians, photographers, stylists, artists of various professions into a wider community of people who take an active and decisive role in helping it to produce it and make it come true – throughout the different production stages.

As the ‘Magic Berlin’ crew and cast, we have been investing a large part of our spare time, skills, performance abilities and own funds to realize this great fiction project and bring it to you. And now we want you to join us – as we have saved one of the most important roles for you:

  • We invite you to join our ‘Magic Berlin’ production community by selecting one of the many exciting rewards that we are offering you here – this way supporting our project and helping to make it happen.
  • We also invite you to share this campaign with your friends and family members who may also want to fund, feel and enjoy the charming fantastic story of ‘Magic Berlin’. 

Thank you so much, and we hope to be soon welcoming you into the ‘Magic Berlin’ production community.



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