Magento Language Switcher Extension by FME
Magento Language Switcher Extension by FME

This project has already launched.

Magento language switcher extension is specifically designed to give customers convenience and a personalized shopping experience. It works by automatically detecting visitor's location and change currency and language of the Magento store accordingly. By doing this, customers get their native language and local currency and their engagement with the store increases. Magento language currency switcher is a must extension for online merchants with multiple stores in different regions. This extension helpes to increase sales in the new stores. 

Key Features:

  • Auto Location Detection: Magento language switcher automatically detects visitor's location from MAXMIND database.
  • Magento Auto Currency Switcher: It automatically changes the store's currency and language as per the detected location. 
  • Manual Switching Option: Magento language extension also provides customers the option to manually switch their store if they don't prefer auto switching. 
  • IP Exception: Store owners can set some IPs to bypass them from switching. 
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