Magbulb - World's First Magnetic Lightbulb Socket !
Magbulb - World's First Magnetic Lightbulb Socket !




Magbulb - the easiest way to change lightbulb. Even your cat or monkey can change the lightbulb with magbulb

  Just snap it in!

Magbulb is a brilliant solution for people who don't like to waste time on monotonous tasks.


As you can see with magbulb you can change lightbulb in 10 times faster! And no doubt, it's much more convenient.

The Magbulb is very affordable solution that can save your money also. According to the Proreferral the changing of the light bulb costs average $50 And With Magbulb you can change lightbulb quickly and without extra cost.

In most cases, you have to use both hands to change a bulb: one hand to unscrew, and the other to steady the base of the holder. Pair that with balancing on top of a three-meter high ladder, and safety levels drop significantly.

According to the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, in 2016, more than 200,000 cases were reported citing incidents with people on ladders (5% death, 30% serious injuries, 65% medical care).    

Magbulb requires only one hand to change a bulb, making it safer, quicker and easier to complete a once daunting task.


Changing a bulb can be a tedious process. According to statistics, many people postpone changing lightbulbs in their chandeliers until the last one burns out. Our aim is to make sure you always have maximum light with ease, convenience and a dash of fun.

 All bulbs in these awkward lamps can be changed easily with Magbulb



Forget about the tedious, time-consuming twist, and start snapping your bulbs into place.

Magbulbs minimize inconvenience and diminish the potential for injuries when it comes to replacing broken lamps.


No twist, just unplug. With Magbulb you don't need pliers or any other tools to remove your lightbulbs.



For people with disabilities, such as arthritis, the changing of the light bulb is a very painful procedure and often it's impossible for them. Arthritis limits movement of joints and causes acute pain at the moment of the wrist rotation. More than 150 millions of people all over the world are ill with arthritis. In most cases, they aged 40-60 years. Therefore Magbulb is a great helper for those people.


Question : How many people does it take to change light bulb with magbulb ? 

Answer: Changing a bulb with Magbulb is so simple, even a cat could do it :)


Incandescent bulbs are a very popular trend in interior design. They are a unique light source with a warmer and more natural spectrum than any other electric light. The light of an incandescent bulb creates a full-color spectrum and those colors achieve high reproduction– much like natural daylight. The disadvantage is that incandescent bulbs last, on average, up to 1000 hours. This means they'll need to be changed about three times per year according to average working time. Using Magbulb will de-complicate the frequent changes these trendy lights require.

Combination of the old and new technologies, as Incandescent bulbs and magnetic socket "Magbulb" made your interior much more comfortable and convenient.

Thanks to its quick installation, Magbulb is an excellent aide for installing light garlands and lighting equipment. Changing bulbs in a light garland containing 80 bulbs would require an hour on average. With Magbulb, you can complete the same task in only 7 minutes (8.5 times faster). This lends Magbulb to commercial use as well—perfect for parties, weddings and festivals. 


Creating the perfect ambience in a bar or restaurant is impossible without lighting. Together, with Magbulb, maintaining a cozy vibe will become simple and convenient.  

In a Las Vegas casino there can be about 100,000 bulbs. Therefore, places like this tend to utilize a bulb-changing service.

Here’s how much Magbulb can save you:
1. Average bulb-changing time: 15 minutes 
2. Labor for the bulb changing cost per hour: $12/hour 
3. Replacing one light bulb will cost: $3.00 
With Magbulb replacing a lightbulb takes 5-10 times less and could decrease costs from $0.6-$0.3per light bulb. 

If you change 100 lightbulbs in a year, Magbulb can save you 240 USD per year. 
If you change 1000 lightbulbs in a year, Magbulb can save you 2400 USD per year. 
If you change 10000 lightbulbs in a year, Magbulb can save you 24000 USD per year. 
Magbulb - does not save electricity! It saves the most important and valuable thing you have - time!




Product description 

Magbulb - is a unique plastic adapter, which consists of two parts: one part that is screwed into the lamp holder, and another part that is attached to the light bulb

The neodymium magnet connects the two parts of the Magbulb.  

The weight of an average lightbulb is 50 grams. The strength of the magnetic field is 5000 grams per break, which is 100 times the weight of the lamp. This clutch is completely sufficient to hold the bulb.

The product uses heat-resistant neodymium magnets with an increased operating temperature range and a constant magnetic field. Magbulb is suitable for all fixtures with E26 / 27 lamp holders. The next version for E14 \ E17 lamp holders will likely be designed as a stretch goal, in the case of success with the more popular lamp holders.

Note : when using Magbulbs, the length of your standard lamp holder is increased by 18mm. The tests we've performed on various luminaires show that this increase is permissible and does not visually change the appearance of the light.



Arthur is the Founder of the project. He has nine years of experience in industrial design, working in design agencies and prototyping plastic goods. He brought on Gera for his marketing and business development expertise. Gera boasts six years of experience in product launching and marketing for the AGE brand and has had five successful campaigns on Kickstarter. Together, they built the team for the Magbulb project and are excited to create another successful campaign.














Risks and challenges

Our team believes that this product is a real game changer for an old, monotonous, tedious task. We need only $3000 to start production on Magbulb. The future of this product is in your hands. We are a highly experienced team in product launching and marketing, so we hope to make this campaign the next successful one in our portfolio.

From our previous Kickstarter campaigns, we've learned to be ready for any kind of situation. We understand that timing is important, and we believe that our experience with past projects will help us get your product shipped to you on time.


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