MADE - Easily measure and dispense your coffee and dry goods
MADE - Easily measure and dispense your coffee and dry goods

Smartly store coffee and dry goods. Never lose your measuring cup. Never spill. Food and beverage prep simplified.

Introducing the MADE: Integrated Storage, Measuring, and Dispensing

The MADE eliminates the need to transfer contents via a scoop or measuring cup, making food and beverage prep easier, cleaner and more efficient.

The Story

The fundamental concept of the Made, combining the functions of storage, measuring, and dispensing, was born at 4:00 am, while blearily trying, and failing, to prepare a bottle of infant formula. A realization occurred that fixing the measuring device to the storage container would eliminate the need for a third tool (the scoop) and dramatically simplify the process. After some trial and error we came up with a cap that allowed the user to pour a measured amount of formula in, and then with a simple rotation of the wrist, cleanly and easily transfer it out to the baby bottle.

We quickly realized that the concept we had developed had much broader uses and would appeal to a much larger market. We made a pivot in our design model to focus on the measuring and dispensing of dry goods in general, rather than just baby formula.

This concept will save time and aggravation for anyone who measures dry goods as part of their food prep.  Items including coffee, rice, beans,  oatmeal, quinoa, a variety of granular powders, and pretty much anything located in the bulk food section could be more easily prepared.  Five prototypes and 18 months later, we think we have a project that can  make your life simpler, and do so beautifully. 

THANK YOU for taking a look. We hope you agree.

(and if you do, tell your friends!) 

Made to simplify

Making life easier is the driving factor in the MADE's unique design. The MADE makes your coffee and other food prep situations easy, at a time when easy is better.

The MADE is simple to use. Just rotate the measuring and dispensing cap, or "madcap" a half turn (this breaks the air tight seal and opens a passage to the storage canister), tilt, then shake until full for a quick 1/2 cup, or until the right amount of product has entered. Place over your using container, and open the lid to transfer.

Made Accurate

“How you measure is just as important as the act of measuring itself”

The people at America’s Test Kitchen asked 18 professionally trained cooks to measure one cup of flour using the same standardized measuring cup, the flour they measured was then weighed to see how much flour was in their “one cup”. Because of variations in measuring techniques, the weights of flour they obtained varied by 13 percent. So why would 18 cooks, all using the same method for measuring flour, get different results? They each dipped the cup into the flour at a different force. A forceful dip packs more flour into the cup then a gentle one.

The inherent design of your MADE eliminates variation resulting from force of the user, ensuring a consistently more accurate measurement then the antiquated scoop.

How it's Made

The MADE is 3.5 inches wide, the width of a standard coffee cup, by 9.5 inches tall. The MADE holds 4.5 cups, the equivalent of 12 ounces of ground coffee, a standard packaging amount for a variety of brands.

Made by Design

We've been fortunate enough to have the guys over at Swarm Effect,  a Kickstarter veteran graphic and industrial design team, help us out with the final touches.

With primary colors of grey and white, the MADE is thoughtfully muted and designed to provide a subtle focal point. The ring of color not only let's you differentiate between products, it provides just the right amount of life and personality.

Beyond the color scheme, we really focused on the user experience – how you interact with the canister. The MADE is designed to be used. This isn’t a product that you set on the counter and forget about. The MADE's satin smooth yet grippable finish makes handling it a delight.

The MADE’s clean form, great looks and “right” feel make it a pleasure to use and a welcome addition in a variety of spaces and circumstances.

We've had a lot of fun putting this project together!  We hope you'll support us in making the MADE a reality.

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