Mad Ducks AR – Duck-Hunting Augmented Reality Game
Mad Ducks AR – Duck-Hunting Augmented Reality Game

This project has already launched.

Do you like to hunt? Or shoot ducks? That's great! It’s a hunting season, so go hunting now! 

With 'Mad Ducks AR' App you shoot the flying ducks with your gun through your camera! 
Mad Ducks AR is a absolutely innovative duck shooter you cannot miss.  This is not typical duck-shooting game because in it annoying fowls appear wherever you are. They are flying around you, splattering you and your space with their poops. You must take revenge and show them who’s the boss by shooting the flying ducks!
Feel the courage of duck-hunting  with Mad Ducks AR! Wide range of hunting weapons will blown your mind. You can even have and care about your own dog which will help you to hunt.  Many different levels will drag you into the game for an interesting pastime. And it is not all capabilieties of the game!
Benefits of 'Mad Ducks AR" APP:
- Free of charge.
- Augmented reality effect.
- Amazing opportunities at choosing  places where you can play this game.
- You can even try to hunt your annoying boss at work, ha-ha! He won't know about it at all!
- Special competitons in the game.
INSTRUCTION: Your device must have gyroscope and you should enable app to access your camera for this duck-hunting game start to work. 
'Nisim Company' strive to make the best game for their users!

We strive to make the best game for our users.

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