'Macblair' at the Edinburgh Festival
'Macblair' at the Edinburgh Festival

This project has already launched.

I've written a play about Tony Blair, and I want to take it to the Edinburgh Festival. But I need some help.

Why have I done this? 

When I was 13 years-old, I met Tony Blair on the set of Breakfast With Frost. He was about to become Prime Minister. I thought he was great. 20 years later, Tony Blair is not Prime Minister and is not generally considered to be that great. So what went wrong? Let's have a look..

It is 1994. Returning from a successful parliamentary meeting, Macblair and Macbrown meet three weird hacks on a stairwell in the House of Commons. They prophecy that Macblair will become Leader of the Labour party, then Prime Minister, and eventually... King of the World. 

'Macblair' mixes tragedy with satire with rap with comedy in a unique mashup - an attempt to examine the psychology behind the politics, and explain some of the human failings that have lead to our current rather shakey predicament. 

We have already performed the play at Brighton Fringe. We had sell-out houses, and this rather flattering review:


Thank you, flattering review person. 

So why am I here? 

Brighton was a lovely way to premiere the piece, but to really see it thrive, we need to jump astride the biggest, scariest beast of them all - Edinburgh.

To perform the play in Brighton, we were lucky enough to secure a grant from Arts Council England.

But Arts Council England won't help us with this, because, well.. Edinburgh isn't in England, apparently.

Edinburgh is a big, scary beast partly because of how EXPENSIVE it is. Our venue alone is asking for a stonking great guarantee which we have to pay up front. Then there's all the adverts that will let people know about it, and the cost of another rehearsal period, to make sure we're as tight as can be for the first show north of the border!

We think this piece is a perfect Edinburgh show. It's light and entertaining and at the same time dark and incredibly serious. It satirises recent events, while shedding light on current ones. It's funny. It's clever. It's moving. We like it. 

If it does well in Edinburgh, that could mean going on tour subsequently, and letting people from lots of other places also see it. We'd really like this, as it means we could then develop the wherewithal to create like an actual theatre company that does lots of different plays.. a prospect we're very excited about. 

We'd be so grateful for your involvement in this journey. You would be an integral part of Falling Sparrow, and of this, our first escapade as a company.  


If you would like to see the show before it goes to Edinburgh, we're doing 2 previews at Omnibus Clapham 23rd/24th July at 1930:


Thanks brilliant people. 

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