Mac & Son - Mac & Cheese made Better
Mac & Son - Mac & Cheese made Better

This project has already launched.

Our company called “Mac & Son”. We make Mac & Cheese for adult tastes (but of course, kids love it too ) We produce a gourmet line of Mac & Cheese – each with a Creamy Béchamel-Cheese sauce & a Crunchy Toasted-Crouton topping. Some of our flavors include:  Classic Cheddar with Butter Crouton, Parmesan-Cream with Garlic Crouton & White-Cheddar with Rosemary-Herb Crouton. More Flavors & Limited-Edition Flavors are on the way. You can keep Mac & Son on your pantry-shelf & within 7 minutes, have restaurant quality Mac & Cheese at home.

We have taken the product to several key up-market retail food chains in New York as part of inital test-marketing. We were accepted into 100% of these stores - including two artisan cheese stores. This means we will be the ONLY mac & cheese sold at cheese stores.
As a second stage of test-marketing - we have run a kickstarter, which as been a hit. We're now 500% over-funded, with very positive comments. 

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