M2S Bikes Carbon Fiber Electric Bike
M2S Bikes Carbon Fiber Electric Bike

This project has already launched.

About this project

  • Mid-Drive 250 watt motor capable of producing over 600 watts of peak power directly to the drive-train to make climbing hills and maintaining speed easier than ever.
  • Carbon Fiber frame makes this one of the lightest electric bikes currently on the market. At only 33 pounds, this bike is quick and nimble making it a joy to ride whether using the electric pedal assist or without.
  • The 27-speed drive-train makes it easy to maximize pedal efficiency on the climbs, while having enough range to power you through the flats to easily reach speeds of 30 m.p.h.
  • Disc brakes with motor cut off ensure that it's easy to stop the bike quickly and safely.
  • Integrated digital display makes it easy to view key statistics while you ride, including speed, watts, battery power, temperature and trip distance.

Electric bikes are quickly changing the way people think about cycling. No longer do hills and tough climbs have to stand in the way between you and where you want to be. But as much fun as most of the electric bikes currently on the market can be, they are often very heavy, which makes carrying them up stairs, loading them onto a bike rack or pedaling them home once the battery dies not a whole lot of fun for anyone. But starting now, that's about to change thanks to the All-Go, our revolutionary new carbon fiber electric bike. 

At just 33 pounds including the battery, the All-Go is an electric bike that feels and rides like a normal bike and allows riders to easily switch between pedal assist modes to take advantage of a powerful mid drive motor that produces up to 600 watts of peak power to give an extra boost to make climbing hills easier than ever before. On the flats, riders can choose to take advantage of extra power to battle headwinds or maintain speeds of up to 28 m.p.h. with ease, or with the push of a button, switch to pedal-only mode and maximize your ride time while enjoying the lightweight efficiency and the effective 27-speed drive-train.

One of the key features of this bike is the revolutionary mid drive motor that allows the power to be applied where need it most: the pedals. The centered weight and ability to deliver over 600 watts of peak power keep this bike feeling agile and fun on all types of terrain. The integrated digital display provides key statistics while you ride, including speed, watts, battery power, temperature and trip distance. At only 33 pounds including battery, this bike was made to fly thanks in large part to the stiff carbon fiber frame that provides incredible strength at a fraction of the weight of many other electric bikes. Climbing hills and bombing the descents has never been easier or more fun. The 27 speeds make it easy to maximize pedal efficiency on the climbs, while having enough range to power you through the flats to easily reach speeds of 30 m.p.h. Thanks to the power and reliability of the mechanical disc brakes, stopping is quick and easy. Lightweight, but long-lasting Lithium Ion provides around 30 miles of pedal assist power (depending on various factors this time could be longer or shorter). The 36 volt, 8.7 amp hour battery features Samsung cells and is backed by a one year warranty and will deliver over 800 battery cycles.

We currently have an amazing prototype that we've ridden over 500 miles, but we need your help if we're going to be able to scale up our production. Over the last year we've been working closely with a manufacturing partner in developing this line of lightweight bikes for distribution in the United States. That's where you come in. To help bring our price-point down, we need to place as large of an order as possible. As a result, we're rolling out this incredible electric bike with an introductory special pricing on pre-orders to help us ramp up our production and bring this bike to the market.  

Support The Campaign: If you like this bike and you're interested in helping bring a lightweight and incredibly fun bike to the market here in the United States, join us in spreading the word and act quickly to take advantage of this one-time, low-price offer. Spread The Word: While this crowdfunding campaign is underway, our sales staff will be actively working with dealers across the United States to take wholesale orders. If you know of a bike shop that you believe would be interested in partnering with us to become a dealer, have them get in touch with us and get in on the ground-level of an exciting new opportunity. 

Risks and challenges

While we feel confident in our close relationship with our manufacturing partner, there is always the risk that unforeseen changes in the availability of certain components of this bike could create delays in shipping. Our primary challenge will be reaching our minimum order quantity of 30 bikes to begin production. The facility is ready to go and is waiting on the go ahead from us to begin production. With your help we are confident that these bikes will be able to be manufactured and delivered beginning in September 2016.

We are committed to bringing this bike to the market, but without pre-order support, it may not happen this year by our team. If you are interested in placing an order, know that you will have our full support after you purchase the bike and will receive a 2-year limited warranty on manufacturing defects.

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