M1911 Rubber band gun for office warriors
M1911 Rubber band gun for office warriors

This project has already launched.

How it started?

I saw rubber band guns some years before. I loved them, so I made a decision that I will start to produce them also. The reason was simple: none of them – which I would buy – „was so real” enough for me. I started as several others: with long working hour I made on from wood. It was the legendary Desert Eagle. My friend and many of potential customers liked it, but it wasn't the quality I wanted to produce. Even it was cut by laser from a quality play wood, but it wasn't lifelike.

Black version of Rubber Band Gun
Black version of Rubber Band Gun


Later I had a chance to buy a home 3D printer and one of my first print was a classical M1911 gun. Even it was a better quality I needed to upgrade my skills for the 3D planning and printing but finally after several prototype finally I made it. So here it is.

See the history of the 3D printed Rubber Band Gun.

Now we are ready for the mass production. Your support could help us to build a production base with a better 3D printers.

See how our Rubber Band Gun works in slo-mo.

If you back us you now could have your own Rubber Band Gun before Christmas! So do not hesitate to pledge us and get more than one. If we consider more order we print faster.

Item dimensions:

Big:     7,3 inch x 4,3 inch (18,7 cm x 11,1 cm)
Small:  6,1 inch x 4 inch (15,5 cm x 10,4 cm)

Risks and challenges

No any. We have a good quality prototype so we need to start the mass production to reach more customer.

Words to the Wise 
Please note: It is your responsibility to know and obey the laws regarding toy guns in your area! 
For your own safety, never brandish a toy gun in public. 
While rubber bands are relatively harmless, do not fire at people or animals.

We believe that this toy could help teach safe gun use for the younger generation so we could save life with our project.

Our Rubber Band Gun compliance the legislation based on S.213 - Look-Alike Weapons Safety Act of 2015 of the Congress. 
source: https://www.congress.gov/bill/114th-congress/senate-bill/213/text

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