M Wave Beats is now LIVE on INDIEGOGO
M Wave Beats is now LIVE on INDIEGOGO

This project has already launched.

The world’s best active noise cancelling earphone, M Wave Beats, is now live on Indiegogo. It is a Bluetooth earphone that combines active noise cancellation and acoustic noise attenuation to create silence. M Wave Beats have launched a campaign on Indiegogo to get funding for its mass production and also offering special discounts on its MRP. The active noise cancellation eliminates the background noise around you that allows you to enjoy your music more clearly even in noisy environment.

The Earphone measures 38mm x 10.5mm x 6.5mm and weighs only 16g. It is housed in an Aluminum casing, provides solid protection to the inside electronics as well as interference shielding. Even in such a small size, it managed to incorporate Bluetooth compatibility, HiFi AudioDAC and music Amplifier. The M Wave Beats is sweat and water resistant so no need to be extra careful while exercising.

Regarding life span, it can provide up to 8 hours of continuous playtime with a single charge which takes about 2 hours to achieve. The backside of the earbud features a magnetic effect that automatically stops the music and drop call when comes in touch. The buds include additional spare tips to help establish a better fit. The product is available in multiple colors i.e., black, red, sky grey, silver, rose gold and champagne.

There are numbers of Bluetooth earphones in the market, but most of them are highly priced, but M Wave Beats is one of the best Bluetooth earphones with noise elimination and also at an affordable price. The M Wave Beats is now Live and people can pre order from Indiegogo campaign and grab up to 40% off of their retail price. For more details, check https://igg.me/at/mwavebeats/

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