M Wave Beats Bluetooth Earphone
M Wave Beats Bluetooth Earphone

Bluetooth earphones are becoming popular these days. As the Bluetooth technology has matured, the Bluetooth earphones will be one of the fashion trends in the future and will be more and more popular. There are many reasons for the evolution of Bluetooth earphones, some of the main reason includes the released of devices without traditional headphone jack and to avoid the tangled cable that keeps annoying while talking or listening to the music.  

M Wave Beats is a new Bluetooth earphone with active noise cancellation. Whether you’re on your way to work, at the gym, or during your weekly miles, the M Wave Beats earphones will never let those tangled wires interrupting your session anymore. The active noise cancellation eliminates the background noise around you that allows you to enjoy your music more clearly even in noisy environment.

M Wave Beats measures 38mmx 10.5mmx 6.5mm and weighs only 16g. It is housed in an Aluminum casing, provides solid protection to the inside electronics as well as interference shielding. Even in such a small size, M Wave Beats managed to incorporate Bluetooth compatibility, HiFi AudioDAC and music Amplifier. M Wave Beats lets you to enjoy music with great ease and can wear it like a necklace to avoid fetching them all around. The strong magnetic effect makes them secure and you will not going to lost them. Magnets automatically stop music and drop call when comes in touch.

While enjoying your music, the M Wave Beats allows you to answer or reject to calls, redial, end call, and handle two calls easily. The M Wave Beats is sweat resistant so no need to be extra careful while exercising. The M Wave Beats on a single charge, delivers up to 8 hours of reliable playtime, allowing users to enjoy music for extended periods of time. The M Wave Beats were available in multiple colors i.e., black, red, sky grey, silver, rose gold and champagne.

If anyone looking for an affordable noise cancelling earphone, then check for M Wave Beats. To know full features, check http://mwavebeats.com/

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