M-One: An opensource, professional desktop DLP 3D printer
M-One: An opensource, professional desktop DLP 3D printer

M-One is the first open-source, professional desktop DLP 3D printer. We developed a highly integrated system combining software, an electronic system, and an optimistic structural design to achieve both simplicity in the user experience and a professional printing process. Meanwhile we will open-source the main control system and electronics(PCB board) to advanced users for theirown development, so that they can extend the benefits of M-One's technology to accelerate 3D printing community development. 

We made a great effort to make M-One elegant, without compromising excellent mechanism organization. It is a perfectly desktop-sized printer, measuring 380x320x490mm

We will offer three different packages: a basic package with a Silver M-One, a special Black M-One edition,  and a very limited Collector's Edition package especially for our fans,  which includes different colors and a customized grey mask!

M-One offers a simple and user-friendly software. The satisfaction of providing a convenient printing experience is very important to us.  There are several fascinating functions as introduced below.

 Hollow function - This function makes a solid object hollow to a specified shell thickness, so that the resin required for the object is reduced and the vat can have a longer service life. 

The Support Generator - Supportersfor vacant parts of the object would be automatically generated and manually edited. To achieve the best supporter solution, have your model printed with all the details.

The benefit of M-One is also in its minimal material cost and low maintenance expense after purchasing.

M-One accommodates all third-party resins, and includes flexible adjustments to explore new materials with reasonable prices.

The printing trace log system (PTLS) can identify any over used area on the vat, maximizing the utilization of the silicone base layer.

Users can also replace the silicone layer and the bulb by themselves for a very low cost after their service life.

Our tilt function and patent pending soft vat system was especially designed for M-One's system, and offers more advantages in the demoulding process.


Due to theopen source spirit of MakeX, we are eager to build the best printing machine for all users. The control system will be opensourced, allowing users to modify every print function of M-One and even change the light source with our instructions.

There will be 10 super early bird packages available at the price just $1699! Other early bird specials will also be available at a very low price. So please check out the campaign early!  Don’t miss the chance to get the discount!




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