M-Jewelry - A Professional UV-LED, Wireless DLP 3D Printer
M-Jewelry - A Professional UV-LED, Wireless DLP 3D Printer

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M-Jewelry has revolutionized 3D printing for jewelers, dentists and professional designers. Born to help designers achieve outstanding results, M-Jewelry efficiently prints high precision designs.

Following the success of our M-ONE campaign, we received valuable feedback from professionals. We discovered some industries, especially jewelry and dentistry, have specific 3D-printing demands. In fact, ordinary precision is meaningless to Jewelers, dentists, surgeons and other professionals whose work involves intricate designs. Just for them, we began developing a more professional 3D printer.

M-Jewelry has been made more compact, with wireless connectivity and a user-friendly touch screen. By simplifying the machine’s operation, we have achieved a printing factory via wireless network. Most importantly, M-Jewelry perfectly aligns with the strict requirements of the jewelry and dental industries, yet effortlessly manages other types of professional designs.



M-Jewelry is available in two models, U30 and U50, to meet the differing requirements of precision, smoothness, size and durability in jewelry and dentistry, respectively. U30 can ensure the impressive precision as well as excellent smoothness on the surface, while U50 can take larger build volume, stability and high precision into consideration. 

Printer Specifications
Printer Specifications




M-Jewelry can bring to life all of your rigorous demands and fantastic ideas. In jewelry industry, its resolution feature satisfies all strict details demands. Offering superbly smooth surfaces for strict detailing requirements. We have also researched a lost-wax technology in order to meet the high demands of jewelers for their finished products.

For dentistry, a larger building volume adapted for biocompatible surfaces has been incorporated. We carefully chose DLP, rather than a laser-based system, for high levels of precision. The result is that every pixel can reach any degree of accuracy, thus achieving a high degree of uniformity from printing to printing.

Superior resolution, easy operation, and fast output makes M-Jewelry the best choice for designers.

M-Jewelry can print features as fine as 32 microns and layer thicknesses from 100 microns all the way down to 1micron! In this way, extremely intricate designs can be produced in ultra-fine detail. We have also focused on the Lost-Wax process, in order to meet the high demands of jewelers for their finished products.





M-Jewelry U50 is ideal for dentists who need both high accuracy and a large printing area for dental appliances.



Given its capacity for high-detail reproduction, it is also at home in your garage kit or when designing toys. Since toy design needs a larger building area, M-Jewelry features a maximum height of 130 mm.



Additionally, M-Jewelry is great for architecture modeling and other research applications, since architectural models can be produced without sacrificing quality. Our fantastic capacity for detail is realized through M-Jewelry’s unique software.



Compared with other competing models, M-Jewelry has brought all of your desired features together in one elegant design, including: greater volume, powerful software, wifi control, a 3.5-inch touch screen, and a long lifespan UV LED.


With a size of 270x250x380 mm (10.6x9x15 inches), M-jewelry fits on any desktop.






With one-button and touch-screen operation, this stand-alone machine has no need of an additional computer. This makes your printing process easier for quality designs.



Touch Screen Interaction of M-Jewelry
Touch Screen Interaction of M-Jewelry


Wireless connectivity enables you to remotely monitor your printer — no more headaches with tangled cables.

Wireless Control & Printing
Wireless Control & Printing



You just need to upload your files to the printer via Wifi, and leave the rest to M-Jewelry. You can synchronize multiple machines, allowing you to effortlessly build your own printing factory.


Common projectors use halogen or high-pressure mercury bulbs, but M-Jewelry is equipped with our customized unique light engine, which boasts a perfect light spectrum of 405 nm, even distribution of light intensity, and a much longer lifespan, up to 50,000 hours!






M-Jewelry was born to serve the needs of professional users. Its ultra-high precision, patented design, adaptable building volume, fine software algorithm optimization, technical circuit components, and outstanding printing details all ensure that its quality meets industrial-grade accuracy and detail, making it second to none.

Its ultra high precision ensures its specialization in Jewelry and dentistry. After our rigorous and rigid test, 32 microns is verified to be the best precision for stable jewelry printing outcome while 50 microns can take precision, stability, and build volume both into consideration.

Printer Area and Applicable fields of U50 & U30
Printer Area and Applicable fields of U50 & U30

A standardized, uniform build volume allows you to streamline operation of the machine so you can print a highly intricate and systematic matrix. Thus, you can focus on your design and leave the rest to M-Jewelry, your perfectly efficient partner.

Print Area of M-Jewelry U50
Print Area of M-Jewelry U50

Each of our machines is inspected twice in order to professionally calibrate its precision and accuracy before delivery. This ensures each user receives an optimized and fully functioning unit.




A high-resolution feature enables you to print the most sophisticated models effortlessly. It is hard to find such an outstanding output meeting professional requirements in other desktop 3D printers in the market.















M-Jewelry utilizes M-ONE, our improvement on the previous XMaker software. M-ONE’s user-friendly interface is optimized to give you the best printing experience possible.

It allows you to easily import and print your own proprietary models with a highly customizable smart support generator. It also lets you produce hollow parts, and has a range of preset print options for flexibility. With several clicks of the button, your model can be perfectly processed.


Xmaker features an anti-aliasing algorithm that significantly smooths the surface of your design. You can smooth out stair-stepping for a finished product with sleek surfaces.



M-Jewelry features a special shell function that allows you to save resin by pumping it out of your model to create a hollow shell, thus saving materials and improving the success rate of your production.




The light source for M-Jewelry is more concentrated at 405 nm light span with high light-uniformity. As a result, its lifespan extends to 50,000 hours. Our customized and certified light engine appliance is more efficient and will not decay.

M-Jewelry UV LED Light Engine
M-Jewelry UV LED Light Engine


Its electronic circuit was designed by our research and development team based on the TI chip. It guarantees efficient working even under high-load production.

Earlier Light-engine Prototype
Earlier Light-engine Prototype






There are several color options for high-quality, affordable resin: yellow, gray, white, and transparent. Even the resin model demonstrates sensible design. More importantly, it works perfectly with resin that can be cast for professional use. We have rigorously tested the casting process to ensure the resin burns out at 100 percent without leaving any residue. So you can finally get the perfect product!
different castable resin
different castable resin









We will offer professional tutorials from printing to Lost-Wax process exclusively for M-Jewelry users. Even a novice jeweler can complete the casting process successfully to achieve an ideal product. We are the only 3D printing manufacturer to provide this special service.




Everything from the software interface to the components of the printer are designed to provide a straightforward, and user-friendly experience, with an added touch of modernity. In addition, M-Jewelry has a diverse selection of materials. We also have developed some interesting applications for you to design innovative jewelry.



MyJewelrry.cc is the most convenient program for customizing word rings, made for M-Jewelry users who want to design their own jewelry easily. Each of our supporters is invited to get a customized ring from the below website. In particular, we will offer backers of the $59 package a silver word ring for free.


Browse in chrome to get best experience
Browse in chrome to get best experience


Printed by M-Jewelry, casted by MakeX
Printed by M-Jewelry, casted by MakeX





 We have also developed a program for sound waves that lets you design unique sound-wave jewelry using your own computer.





After long-term testing of more than 50 different kinds of resin for M-Jewelry, we found several stable resins that perform perfectly for jewelers needing lost-wax casting. So we would like to recommend these resin developers to M-Jewelry’s users.



We have worked tirelessly to improve M-Jewelry’s performance through its ingenious structural design. Regardless of the cost, we are keen to provide users with the best product possible for an excellent printing experience. 

An expensive HIWIN linear module application ensures M-Jewelry’s excellent quality.

HIWIN High-grade KK Linear Module is applied in M-Jewelry
HIWIN High-grade KK Linear Module is applied in M-Jewelry

A latest-tech of patented vat and platform after the success of M-One have been applied. The unique demold methods and aluminum alloy Vat drastically improve the successful printing rate & cut down the costing expense.



 Why we need backers? 

1. We have completed all of our research work and testing. In order to bring M-Jewelry to users as early as possible, and to ensure that everyone has access to the most advanced DLP desktop 3D printer, we need funds to ramp up production. 

2. It is urgent that users get a 3D printer with ultra-high precision at an affordable price. We want to meet your needs by reaching resolution levels high enough for dental and jewelry applications. This will help us bring change to the industry, which was our original plan when we established Makex.  

We created a lot of buzz back in 2014 with our competitive M-One 3D printer, and gained a lot of experience from that. We have reliable R&D and production capacity.





Stretch Goals

Gift Pack&Custmized Ring

We have special gift-packs for our backers as follows: USB flash disks, T-Shirts, Lapel Pins, and customized casting Rings on M-jewelry.cc for $59-package backers.



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 Warranty and Service

Every M-Jewelry unit comes with a one year warranty so you can relax and enjoy your new machine. During the last month of your warranty period, you'll be given the opportunity to extend your warranty. M-Jewelry is built to last, yet we don't want your to worry about any unforeseen dificulties. When you purchanse an M-Jewelry, you'll also have access to our support team. We believe in a high level of customer service and want to help you make the most of your new machine.


Risks and challenges

We already have a team of talented,passionate and motivated designers and engineers,who have worked together over 2 years, working through the challenges of production everyday. Once again, we put the idea into reality.

We will take every possible step to ensure our engineering success. We have built a close relationship with the manufactures.Each machine will be fully tested once before shipment to make sure every element of the M-Jewelry works perfectly.We are confident that we can deliver this product on schedule.

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