Mµ Magazine
Mµ Magazine

This project has already launched.

This project is to supply advertising to small businesses in ways that they can afford, and to begin promoting local shopping over global shopping. 

There is a great deal of talk about globalism, and the supposed benefits of global markets, but this movement has been largely at the expense of regional markets, with little benefit. What people seem to forget is that global markets do not actually favor global businesses, it is just often cheaper for people to shop at the big box stores. 

But it does not have to be that way. Like it or not, big companies and multinational corporations often do business at the expense of local values. 

I tend to see that as a weakness of theirs, and something that local business can exploit and profit from. Mu Magazine is one way of doing that. 

By leveraging local creative talents, a creative economy can be used to build a buffer against global intrusions on regional markets. This will work because more of the money in circulation will be spent locally, instead of being siphoned out to foreign exchanges and stock markets. 

To keep a long story short, Mu Magazine is attracting local shoppers with relevant and interesting local content, to where local businesses can advertise to them. In later stages of the project, Mu Magazine will be hosting community events, and maintaining a presence on the streets to keep up engagement. In the near-term Mu Magazine will also be hosting networking events for small businesses in order to keep the focus on them.

These are activities that most small businesses could never afford or manage on their own. Mu Magazine, by leveraging creativity, makes it affordable for them.

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