Lykeey Store: Find a Dress For Every Occasion
Lykeey Store: Find a Dress For Every Occasion

This project has already launched.

Have you already ordered online and receive your order a month later? Business nowadays don't want to handle any stocks, it is so much work and takes too much space. We know that being dependent to someone is very risky. You cannot ensure an approximative delivery date.. That's the big problem Belgians' customers are experiencing. And just a few physical stores provide the Lykeey look. So they can not do otherwise.

We need your help to open this store and to make it change. We will also invest the merchendise. And will be able to provide a faster delivery times with a great personal service, but not only for Belgium but also worldwide.

What is Lykeey?

Lykeey is a new clothing brand for women. Our unique line, mostly never seen before or nearly. From casual and street style to classic and chic. For Lykeey basic is boring. There is something for everyone. Everbody feels special with the Lykeey Look. 

Let's present you our famous tops, jumpsuits, dresses for every occasions; parties, weddings, special events. 

The funds received from the campaign will go toward:  

  • Production costs   
  • Shipping Packaging materials and backing cards  
  • Kickstarter Fees   
  • Store opening costs

Want to get in contact with Lykeey? Feel free to shoot us an email at 

If you have any questions or comments. You can also find us on instagram at @lykeeystore and view my website at

We also want to thank you to take a small moment of your precious time reading us and having an interessed in what we do. 

We need minimum 5000EUR to have a great stock but if we are able to have more pledges we will be able to open a store and make the project happen.

So thank you already for your participation!

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