Luxury Watch Redefined By Kataphrakt Kronograf
Luxury Watch Redefined By Kataphrakt Kronograf

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Ever since the beginning of 2017, we have been working together with timepiece experts. By combining passion for watches, we have made multiple iterations to designs and concept to bring you nothing but absolute perfection.

Kataphrakt Kronograf timepieces are unique in aesthetics, crafted with extreme precision and attention to detail. All our timepieces are equipped with Swiss movements, which is known for their precision and quality. You can be confident that our tasteful alluring piece of jewellery will decorate your wrist in a stylish manner.





 Result of final renders and layout with our choice of pantone colourings

To ensure nothing but the best, we have been working alongside one of the best timepiece manufacturer in the world that have been producing brand name watches around the globe for decades.

At Kataphrakt, we took a different approach to minimalism. We crafted more, to encapsulate the beauty of astronomy without sacrificing balanced, artful composure. Ronda 708 Swiss movement instead of cost saving Japanese miyota quartz movement, rotating moonphase dial for our iconic design language and uniqueness, engraved crown and model names for an exquisite feel, double stacked dial with 15 degrees taper for a realism, carefully stitched genuine leather with embossing to last through out ages and so much more.

Each timepiece is backed by a strong two year global warranty.





We believe that limited edition pieces should truly be unique and customized to suit you. For our crowdfunding limited edition 150 pieces, you will be able to request the name of your choice and timepiece model name will be replaced by the customization of your choice.

The letters will be limited to 11 and can contain upper and lower cases from A-Z. The customization will only ever be available during our pre-order phase and be limited to 150 pieces. 





Traditional watch distribution methods involve many distributors and middlemen with multi levels of markup which can result in excess of 300% or more.

At Kataphrakt, we do things completely different by supplying our timepieces directly to you. This allows us to avoid multi-level markups and middle men, allowing us to provide you with a Swiss movement luxury watch for USD$99.





We can all say it was fate when a life changing encounter happened. Having never before seen an eclipse, it was a great inspiration to open our eyes to the beauty of the universe. The beautiful colours, and authenticity of the magnificence; Just taking photos were not enough. Our founder, Joshua had a inspiring moment and decided to capture the colours of astronomy and physically mate it with his unparalleled passion for timepieces. Aesthetic but classical, quality parts but unapologetic prices so that everyone could keep their time in style. After many iterations, pondering and striving for perfection, we came across a timepiece that puts other collection we have all known and enjoyed to a great shame. This was to be the first of our classic range.



Colours inspired by the solar eclipse. With beautiful silver to represent solar corona at totality, we were awestruck by witnessing of solar eclipse phenomena and decided to capture it into this classic piece.



Chroma inspired by mars and venus. Upon a chance to stargaze at mars and venus, beautiful rose gold color and chocolate terrain was the inspiration for this exquisite piece.



Black and gold cues inspired by capturing the moment between sunset and night. We have embodied the beauty of this daily phenomena into the timepiece.









Movement: Ronda 708 Swiss Movement Moonphase Dial / Date keeping

Glass: Hardened Mineral Glass (Scratch resistant and shatter resistant)

Dial: Two piece dial design with 15 degrees slope  

Water resistance: 5ATM/50M 

Strap: Fine stitched genuine premium leather strap with embossed logo

Dimensions: Case: 42mm x 51.5mm Bezel: 42mm Opening: 37mm Crown: 6mm Links: 22-20mm

Warranty: 2 years limited warranty against manufacturing defects





We wanted to make unboxing our products a special moment. After a long design session and pondering, it seemed right to settle on white and navy two tone colours with gold stitching; Inspired by luxury vehicle interiors. All our timepieces come with this premium hand stitched and molded watch box. 





 Please note that shipping fees are not included in the special prices.




We design and manufacture our luxury timepieces to the highest quality, but in reality not everyone may be satisfied.

If you feel that our Kataphrakt Kronograf timepieces have not met your expectations, please reach out to us and we will give you 100% refund.









It's no secret we have worked extremely hard to bring you our new classic range. We hope that we can continue to do so and provide you with the best that you deserve. This is a costly venture to say it was just for our passion, and with that we need all the support we can from you all. Together we can bring this project to life, and make this project a success story you will be proud to tell your friends that you were part of!

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