Italian Design Swiss Made Luxury Watches
Italian Design Swiss Made Luxury Watches

Todd & Marlon are pleased to announce the release of their first luxury collection

This collection has been inspired by the entrepreneurial spirit. The mindset of the entrepreneurs but also of many of us who approach personal life as entrepreneurs - in fact “entrepreneur is not a title but a mindset”.

#YOURTIME watches are a celebration of the many achievements of the entrepreneurial spirits but also a call to action for doing even more. In this context Todd & Marlon work very closely with the non-profit organization Spark Microgrants to enable entrepreneurs in rural areas.

The first collection is SWISS MADE, Designed by Italians and includes two models: the most peculiar is a 24-hour watch with a Swiss Made quartz movement (the only one readily available with a double-XII system) and the most traditional is a 12-hour watch with a Swiss Made Automatic movement.

Todd & Marlon have selected a Swiss Made movement because of the quality and Quartz for its reliability and accuracy. 

The 12-hour watch is also based on a Swiss Made movement. This is, in particular, an automatic (self-winding) movement with 26 jewels and date function on top of hours, minutes and seconds. The very same movement is used by some models by: Maurice Lacroix, TAG Heuer , Christopher Ward, Bulgari, Oris and Alpina.

#YOURTIME is made of stainless steel (316L grade), it has a Diamond Like Carbon (DLC) coating treatment for achieving a super resistant black matte finish, it showcases the most resistant crystal made of Sapphire and just to make sure every moment is viable the watch is also resistant to water (10atm/100m).

The 38mm case has a sophisticated and elegant silhouette yet it is boldly shaped to resist extreme activities. The custom made bracelet subtly reminds the brand logo which is also visible on: dial, crown, back case and buckle.

The 24-hour variant of #YOURTIME shows two times 12 hours within the dial (double-XII system). The anti-meridian (am) hours are on the left hand side and the post-meridian (pm) hours are on the right hand side. The zenith for the sun is reached at 12:00 and is at the top of the dial as indicated by the applied silver sun icon.

The TWO collections are available in four colors combinations: all black, black and deep blue, black and fiery red, black and rose pink. Each of them has his own name and specific character! You can either choose one of them or get the four to use in different occasions in your life. 

Notably the hands in both models have a red insert with SuperLuminova - one of the best material (if not the best) to give luminescence at night.

Watches will be sent inside a prestigious wooden case (primary box). To protect the case we are packing it inside a branded carton box (secondary carton). Double protection for best delivery anywhere you are!!!

Also to note that, in order to keep the first collection memorable we are planning to number the first 300 watches in the case back.Watches produced after the first 300 will not be numbered.

Details matter! we have carefully hidden and then the connections between the links in the bracelet. Few links toward the closure have still visible connections and those are screws (not simple pins) to ensure best performances and to allow adjustment of the bracelet length.

Todd & Marlon and Spark MicroGrants non-profit organization focused on enabling community-driven entrepreneurial projects, proudly announced a collaboration aimed at helping entrepreneurs where they need the most.    

Todd & Marlon will donate a percentage of the profit to Spark MicroGrant. The more watches we sell the more entrepreneurs we will help!!!

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The recommended retail price for Todd & Marlon #YOURTIME 24-hour watches is $650. Exclusively for KICKSTARTER we are going to offer the first 100 pieces at the price of $250 per watch with worldwide shipment included (taxes and duty paid by you) - this is about 60% discount. The following 100 pieces we will be offered at the price of $350 per watch with worldwide shipment included (taxes and duty paid by you) which is about 45% discount. Then we will keep offering the watches at $450 without limits on quantities. The 12-hour automatic watches will also be discounted - please refer to below table.

 If you wish, you can contribute via donating $10 to Spark MicroGrant (first pledge).


Shipping is complimentary – entirely offered by Todd & Marlon for any destination served by our logistic partner. However, international customers are responsible for taxes and duties charged by their respective countries. 

You might visit to estimate your duty charges (we ship from US).

NY State Customers: please add 8.875% to your pledge account for NY State Sales Taxes.

The below schedule is as much realistic as possible. Manufacturers confirmed the schedule is realistic and contains slack to cover the normal, inevitable small delays. If Todd & Marlon can do it quicker, they will! In case something unforeseen that influences the schedule happens they will communicate openly about it.

Important to note that the production is starting in parallel to the crowd-funding campaign (boxes are already produced). Todd & Marlon are taking some personal financial risks in order to reduce your waiting time!

Beginning of 2015 two Italian Swiss gentlemen questioned the belief that luxury should be inherited or gained over time. They then decided to develop luxury products for young people and this is how Todd & Marlon was born. Todd & Marlon leverage old craftsmanship to create modern pieces of art; being Italians they appreciate beauty and have an innate sense of style and their Swiss heritage injects precision and attention to details in all their works. The products they develop are custom made to suit the needs of the people who create their own future - the entrepreneurs!  

Todd & Marlon - You Choose, #YOURTIME, Don't Inherit

For further press information, images or to arrange interviews please reach Todd & Marlon via e-mail at

The stylized initials of Todd & Marlon jointly shape into a shield which is a well recognized symbol of strength, honor and authority. The elegant and classic typeface used for the ampersand represents the complexity of craftsmanship and the watch movements.

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What are the dimensions of the watch? #YOURTIME watch has a 38mm case diameter and it is 10 mm thick (without glass) – the bracelet is 144 mm long and the case 46mm for a total circumference of 190mm. 

I have a big wrist. How do I know the watch fits me? The easiest way to figure that out would be to measure your wrist circumference. The watch can fit wrists up to 190mm with the basic configuration. However, if your wrist is bigger we have added two extra links that can get the total circumference to about 210mm and if you need more you can write to Conversely if your wrist is smaller you can easily remove some links at the nearest watch store. 

Does the black color come off? The watch is DLC (diamond like carbon) coated – this is the best and most durable treatment used only by real luxury watch manufacturers. For reference this treatment is superior to the most commonly used standard PVD (Physical Vapor Deposition) treatment. 

Are shipment and duty/taxes included? Your watch-pledge includes shipment anywhere in the world locations served by our logistic partner but it does NOT include your local import duties and taxes if you live outside the US. Unfortunately due to the complexity of the different duty/tax regimes across the world we cannot manage that cost. 

 More questions? If you have more question, you can always ask the project creator directly or feel free to e-mail to  



Main Movie Credits


MUSIC – YOUTUBE - Tribal_War_Council 

Movies and music have been cut, re-arranged and titles added.

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  • Neurocore - Unmedicated: Chris Kaman's ADHD success story
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  • Hudson Yards New York - Hudson Yards New York: "Build Up“ 
  • 2K FILMS  Imagine Dragons - "Battle Cry" by Boris Ryabinin Edit: Alex Journey - 
  • Ottavio Stellato - Patrick Carta Filming and editing by Ottavio Stellato.



if you read till this point, it means you're really interested on Todd & Marlon watches hence we thought you might appreciate a brief video with our founder and CEO.

Thanks for #YOURTIME ... pledge and share!

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Risks and challenges

With any project, there are always risks associated with manufacturers not being able to deliver products on time, or design decisions causing the project to be delayed or halted all together.

Todd & Marlon have minimized these risks by funding prototype production hence ensure that all design elements are finalized and manufacturers are ready to craft your timepiece. Please note that while design has been finalized, the supply of watch hands is not yet secured hence we might see slightly different hands in the final execution.

They have also instructed the manufacturers to start production (you might have noticed the images of boxes production) and take the funding risk from their side so to minimize the time risk on your side. This also means that watches will be manufactured even if the campaign is not successful.

Finally, Todd & Marlon work with a professional fulfillment company for deliveries. However, local customs can hamper a good delivery experience, which is out of our control. They will try to prevent custom problems via ensuring the packages have the right documentation in place.

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