Luxury lagoon based hotel
Luxury lagoon based hotel

Who we are?

We are a hotel dedicated to provide unique and exotic experience with the utmost comfort for our guest.

Our Story?

We are launching a crowd funding campaign to raise fund for Caynique hotel. Caynique hotel will be built on a lagoon where our guests will be able to enjoy the beautiful views with various other activities based on land and lagoon.

Why Crowd funding?

We would like to strengthen our personal investment position before entering more deeply into investor negotiations to make sure we maintain a comfortable majority in the business. Why is that important to us? Maintaining a comfortable majority share, will help us protect the essence of Caynique and keep a good balance between financial, social and environmental value creation. Right out of the blue we don’t wish to make huge profits this will be long term goal. Our mission is to keep our hotel reachable for every class of customers we don’t wish to only serve customers who pay highest but also we want to serve who are on a budgeted travel. We would provide a budgeted travel plans.


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