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Hi, my name is Jermaine aka The Footwear King. With a name like that you better have some goods to back it up. It just so happens that I do.

About Me

I have been designing footwear for more than 20 years and consider myself to be the best shoe designer in the world, next to Tinker. Arrogant no. Confident yes.

(Me and Tinker, designer of the Air Jordan. He is holding the Bugatti J's.) 

I am on mission and I need help to make this mission a possibility. See, I have noticed lately that the quality and style of athletic footwear is waining and I want to breathe new life back into the footwear industry. Many kicks are suffering because of a generation of rehashed older products that seem to be hugging all the space on the on the store shelves.

I see an industry getting stagnate because there is no breakout company with an engaging product for consumers to get excited about. Well that is what I want to introduce to you today and hope that you can understand and see the vision I will impart.

Bugatti J's

This project deals with a design that I created in 2003 and it is time to really get it out to the public. I call this shoe the Bugatti J's. It is a cross between an Air Jordan shoe and the infamous Bugatti Veyron. I purposedly named this shoe this because of the styling cues that consists of elements found in the aesthetic appeal of the Bugatti supercar. This was unintentional, as I didn't notice these similarities, until after really paying attention to the design of the car.

I call these J's because of the affinity I have with Jordan Brand. My dreams were to be head designer at Jordan Brand. Since this has yet to happen, I took my love for all of the Jordan's of old and created a shoe that could be in line with the Air Jordan models.

This shoe is more sophisticated and technologically engineered than any other shoe that has come before it. This shoe has aspects that I want to incorporate into the shoe to bring forth the most comfortable and technologically viable footwear on the market.

Every step that you take is cushioned by air that moves under your foot, as the pressure from your step directs air through each chamber, giving your next step a very cushioned landing. This is what walking on air should feel like.

  • The pressurization is fast and fluid. 
  • This system works dynamically with the force applied by the wearer.
  • The pressure is intuitive and gives back energy exerted by the wearer.
  • The pressurization is strategically and specifically applied in the precise areas for the most protection and performance.
  • The air is applied quicker because of the 4 various air bags in each pressure zone.


The Bugatti J's are designed for enhanced performance, technology and comfort. You will not find a more technological and comfortable shoe. This shoe has been optimized with innovations yet to be seen in any footwear. Let's focus now on the technological aspects of this shoe.


  1. Foam padded tongue- the tongue has soft memory cell foam embedded in it for more comfort and personal fit.
  2. Perforated upper- is a poromeric upper with perforated holes for breathability and moisture control located under the zip shroud while this shoe is zipped up.
  3. Loop lacing- the side panels hold the upper tighter at the lateral and medial for a more locked in fit. These also provide quick or lacing up.
  4. Applique' with logo- a reflective logo that reveals the logo imprint of the footwear.
  5. Ankle foam collar- Lycra with elastic properties that stretches and allows wearers to have movement around the ankle. The collar has memory foam injected within it to conform to the users physiological type when wearing.
  6. Padded side panels- the side pillow's wrap around the ankle foam collar and give extra padding and personalized comfort. This extra protection helps guard against sprain or ankle turnover.
  7. Achilles air induction- these pieces of material takes into account aerodynamics as air flows around the ankle it is pushed like a jet stream away from the user and pushed behind the achilles to give less resistance when the foot and leg are in motion. This is similar to a super sports car when the aerodynamics of speed causes that air to flow out the back.
  8. Pull on system- this is no ordinary pull on system as it has a strip of zinc copper within it to increase circulation and energy flow around the Achilles and up the calf muscles to lesson fatigue when over using these muscles.
  9.  Heel counter- this is a sturdy thermoplastic heel backing to protect the lateral and medial of the heel to prevent heel drift and keep the heel locked down when wearing during high impact usage.

10.Gel message foot bed- this nubbed gel layer is placed over a neoprene foot bed for extra comfort. As the wearer performs tasks the gel nubs massage the underfoot this helps keep the blood pressure or what one could call chi away from the foot to keep rich oxygenated blood flowing which helps keep the foot from being fatigued. (This also comprises of the countoured footplate underneath that helps with pressurization. see 11)

11. The 4-EVA System (r)- this is a patent pending air device that has 4 integrated air modules that have air to flow to each chamber. There are 2 for the forefoot and 2 for the heel. Air flows with the pressure of the forefoot and the heel when impact of the wearer is on the 4-EVA thermoplastic contoured footplate (see 10).

12. Horizon arch guard (r)- this is a stitched carbon fiber arch protector located at the lateral and medial bottom of the shoe, connected and integrated within the medial and lateral of the 4-EVA system.

13. Trident toe cap- this is a protective toe cap with tri-points for flexibility but also resiliency. This helps keep the toe box from crushing down on the toes and causing toe burn.

14. The zip shroud- this wraps over the upper of this shoe and designed to lock the shoe down in a comfortable manner as to keep the wearer's foot in a cockpit like cocoon. The zip shroud also doubles as a lace protector to keep individuals from tripping over their shoelaces dirtying them up.

15. Loop lacing- lace loops makes lacing up quicker. It also helps keep the shoe in locked in fit.

16. Side fins- The side material is cut in the shape of fire that allows it to conform to the medial and lateral. This helps lock the shoe down on foot.

17. Halo rollbar- this is an anti-inversion rollbar at the laterals for safeguard protection against over pronation and provides torsion rigidity to this shoe's construction for ultimate control variations in movement. Within this rollbar are an integrated bio-magnetic ionized strip of copper. This keeps the energy flowing down the shin into the upper foot and down to the forefoot. This energy flowing to the front of the foot gives the wearer more energy for a more powerful lift and burst off the first step. This energy also helps keep the foot from fatigue and overuse.

18. Clean zipper- this zipper has a pull ring that helps the wearer zip up the shoe quickly and helps keep the shoe locked down when wearing.



What Is Needed & What You Get

It will cost around $10,000 or more to get these shoes manufactured. It cost around $5000 to get these shoes shipped from overseas depending on shipment type, air or freight ship cargo. It will cost $8000 to get the 4-EVA System fully developed to proper functioning specs. I have paid $1000 for the initial phase of R&D but need $8000 to get the 4-EVA system into manufacturing phase. So, all together $20,000 to $25,000 is needed. 

With your contributions to this project, you will be a part of making history, as this shoe will be an instant classic and will shake up the industry to pave the way for all the other awesome projects I have in the background.

This shoe has the potential to change the whole shoe industry and by your contributions, you will be able to say that you played a significant part in helping create the Bugatti J's.

All funds collected will go to this project. If goal is not reached in time, then it will be put into a reserve until the funded goal is reached because this shoe has to see the light of day.

I have some perks that I would like for you to have as an appreciation for helping make this project a reality. You can find out more about them once everything is set up.



The Impact

As you can see, this shoe is very technologically advanced and has a lot to offer. Now these shoes will retail for $1500 or more. This shoe is the super exotic of footwear. Just like the pricey retail of a supercar that has the performance diagnostics that only supercars can produce, this shoe has the technological aspects that only this shoe can produce and an asking price of $1500 or more is reasonable, as well as justifiable.

This retail price reflects other offerings that have been placed on the market that have none of the technological aspects of these shoes. This is the first bio-mechanical shoe that works with the wearer and creates harmony, balance and gives back energy to the wearer, to allow them to have the greatest competitive advantage.

Another technological innovation that I am hoping to implement is a smart phone and tablet intergration. This will be in the form of a special app that intergrates with the shoe. 


The 4-EVA System


The 4-EVA System transfers energy through out the sole making sure the wearer is safeguarded during hard landings and cushioned precisely with every step taken. The medial and lateral arch guards make sure the foot is protected during deep cuts to keep the foot from rolling over.

The midsole is contructed of lightweight phylon rubber. The indentations helps with the movement of the outsole and is a design element that reminds one of the incorporated air device within. The precise angles also assists in the aerodynamics of the shoe. 

The footbed has neoprene construction and gel massage nubs that overlays the top of the neoprene footbed to massage the under foot, keeping blood pressure from being stagnate and flowing in all directions. This helps with foot fatigue and cramping when playing vigoriously for extended periods of time.

The outsole is durable lightweight rubber that flexes at the precise points and keeps the 4-EVA System in contact with wearer and the ground. The area within this outsole is just big enough for the 4-EVA air chambers to be incorporated under the 4-EVA System innersole to increase the response of  pressurization, returning the energy exerted by the wearer back to the wearer. 


Other Ways You Can Help

Sign up above at the top of this page, to find out when we will be going live. Keep in touch for updates on the progress of the project. 

If you can not contribute to this project, I ask that you help get the word out. Share this page with others and encourage them to share it as well. This shoe is going to be a game changer and you will have the pride of knowing that you played a great part in it's development and acquistion to the marketplace. 


Thanks for your time and help,


The Footwear King




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