Luxury Black Onyx Bracelets with New Unique Design
Luxury Black Onyx Bracelets with New Unique Design

This project has already launched.


We created a new vision for the bracelets design. New modern luxury hand-made onyx bracelets with gold plated and steel cube in a new form factor. Selected cube shaped beads with the superior quality. Stretchable rope allows bracelets to suit any wrist width.


Hi, my name is Andrew. I am a designer. I have four years experience in product development and engineering. Also I very like art and was participating in many exhibitions around the world and won several awards. I was thinking about fashion and creating something new and luxury and which will be affordable to all.


We created a first in the world modern luxury hand-made onyx bracelets with gold plated and steel cube in a new form factor.




According to ancient sources, onyx stone can help one to keep in line, focus and guide the will, and this brings about a significant gain in one’s personal power for people with a lot of ideas. Most of the onyx bracelets have round beads. We represented new design with the Selected cube-shape beads with the superior quality. Special transparent polymer rope with stretchable effect will suit any wrist.



Stainless steel jewelry is harder than silver and will not tarnish which is why it is increasingly used in modern jewelry. White gold and sterling silver pieces often contain a metal called ‘nickel’ which can cause allergic reactions in some people. Stainless jewelry is made without nickel making it suitable for those allergic to nickel. Due to the high melting point of stainless steel, no ordinary company can make jewelry based on steel. 

Stainless steel is more difficult and hence more expensive than a corresponding piece of silver jewelry. Currently stainless steel is in demand in most brands of men's jewelry. Also stainless steel is good for gold plating. As you know gold is expensive and such cube made of gold could cost a lot, that's why we delivered you a gold plated item which has real gold coating.


All bracelets are hand-made with a selected cubes. That's why they look very expensive and luxury. We use real gold for plating and modern technique of laser engraving.


Photo of the bracelet with steel cube


Photo of the bracelet with gold plated cube


                Steel cube


          Gold plated cube




Stretchable rope allows bracelets to suit any wrist width. For bigger wrist we deliver special large sized bracelets. 

Bracelets are suitable with or without a jacket. Will looks perfect with T-shirt and attracts the opposite sex!










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Onyx Stone Meaning: for physical strength

Onyx helps one to hold one’s powers and not let them slip away. It assists one to build up one's energy. This can be most helpful after a long deplete illness, or even a lengthy work project. It can keep one focused on workout regime, a weight loss plan or generally to increase one’s health. Onyx is a fantastic gemstone as a way for body, even if one's dreams are quite modest. It promotes anyone to stay with the program and encourage facilitates the sense of satisfaction that comes with reaching one’s goals.

Onyx Stone Meaning: exhales the energy of self-mastery

It can help a person to keep focused, and this brings about a significant gain in one’s personal power for people with a lot of ideas, but lack the guidance to carry them out. Onyx can land one down to hearth and keep one to stay on task. It helps one to understand that the most crucial control is self-control. Those who act on their desires by controlling other people and things outside themselves are encouraged to take advantage of Onyx’s ability to realign one’s perception to one’s own activities. Then they are able to discover the achievements which has heretofore eluded them.




We proved it! Based on our feelings our bracelets have real health healing effects and makes you more focused.







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Your contribution is essential in order to start the first batch production. Also funds will go to develop a special gift box for the bracelets.


Risks & Challenges

Andrew has more than four years experience in product development in different areas and engineering of new materials. He was working on the project for such companies as Mars, PepciCo, Nestle, McDonnalds and local brands. The quality of our product is paramount importance to us and we will control the raw material to the finished product. We have found and agreed terms with a manufacturer already. They have produced prototypes for us and we already have agreed final a price and production costs. We have done all of this before.
Delays can happen in the shipping due to customs and it is possible that in some countries there are restrictions for sending pure gold or silver.
Some countries are known for being very slow with customs, and you probably know if you live in one. Our shipping method is by registered, tracked post, so a tracking number will be available. We can advise on this based on previous experience; if you are worried, contact us. Bracelets can be too wide for a narrow arm. But we have two sizes of the bracelet for large and small wrist. If the size is too big for you you can contact your local jewelry shop to make it smaller or to remove one or two cubes. Also you can do it by yourself. You can contact us if you have difficulties at any time.


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