Lush Life
Lush Life

This project has already launched.

Lush Life is a reality show surrounding the life, hijinks, and inner workings of the coffee lounge, its owner, employees, and patrons.

Carey Haas the owner of Lush Lounge in Vista, Ca leads an interesting life... 

We plan to produce an unscripted reality television program in a similar format to 'the office' with interviews, candid conversations, and interactions.    

Lush Lounge is a hipster mecca and community oriented organic coffee concept which serves beer and wine; features local artists and musicians, and offers CBD products and hemp oil as an additive to food and drink.   The amount of people having positive, healing, incredible experiences with the CBD products is simply amazing, and people are flocking to Lush Lounge to get their CBD and 'feel better now'!

Carey also owns and operates Discount Indoor Garden Supply, Inc. (DIGS) a growing products and services company which has a retail location for garden supplies, and is a wholesaler and manufacturer of the CBD products offered at Lush. 

Help us to spread the word about this amazing place, the incredible people surrounding it, and the healing effect that is being created in Vista, CA a northern suburb of beautiful San Diego!

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