Lungi in a snap
Lungi in a snap

This project has already launched.

My name is Michael Vestlie. I am an entrepreneur. I do have a degree in Business and Marketing Education. My wife (Bolivian) and I have a one-year-old son.

We started the design eight months. Our son was our inspiration for this project. My wife and I would get up every night change my son's diaper. We would take off his pajama bottom, change the diaper and then put the pajama bottom back on. My son would kick and scream when we put pajama bottom back on. Anyway, over a month, I thought about this. I am an Indian origin I wear Lungi/Dhoti outfit. Why not apply same things for children.

What is Lungi? According to Wikipedia "The lungi (Hindi: लुंगी, Urdu: لونگي‎, Bengali: লুঙ্গি, Tamil: லுஂககீ) (/luŋɡi/) Sylheti:  (/longi/) is a type of sarong and a traditional garment worn around the waist in India, Bangladesh, Pakistan, Nepal, Cambodia, Ethiopia, Myanmar and Thailand. It is particularly popular in regions where the heat and humidity create an unpleasant climate for trousers."

So, my wife and I worked on several versions, and we created samples for the "final" version. See above video for details. 

As we were making children's version and I thought why not make an adult version. Just a few changes needed. 

Lungi is an old style outfit. I decided to improve an existing design. Right now Lungi is worn by wrapping around your waist and have to manually twist down to hold it in place. 

My design still keeps the original look but easy to wear and comfortable. Anyone can wear the outfit. All are welcome. It is meant to be easy to put on and don't have to worry about falling accidentally. Lungi in a snap. You will never be caught your lungi down. 

This can be used in other cultures who use similar or towel like the outfits. I am working on women version. 

Sarong, Dhoti, Kanga, Shendyt and others. 

We recently launched our company ilungi. It is based in Wisconsin, US. We are a socially conscious. Our focus will be on education.  

Your money will cover, start making small batches of the design, market research, copyrighting the design, pay for online advertisement, and website creation. 

I want to thank you for taking a chance on us. We are excited about this project.

See below our outfit in action

See YouTube:

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