Lumes: World's Smartest All In One Projector
Lumes: World's Smartest All In One Projector

This project has already launched.

Amazing universal projector for your endless needs

Big screen movie theater audiovisual displays become possible with the portable Lumes. All in one feature let it work freely without the requirements of power supply even. Enjoy your social gatherings, party entertainment and wonderful game moments!


User-friendly, pocket friendly and travel friendly

Massive 160" Display, Power Bank and Powerful Speaker with the capability to fit in a pocket of a bag makes it best to provide an amazing user experience.

Amazing projector with numerous features

With Lumes, you can enjoy everywhere and it offers high-quality display and audio experience. You can use your phone as its remote and it will also come with remotes to control from a distance.
Amazing look and capability to work separately makes this an amazing product to buy!
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