About this Project

What is Love Series?

Two visual novel games with drastically different storylines, different tales to tell and different lessons to learn.

Undying Love 「不変の愛」 features linear gameplay written by Brannon Wyndesor while Real Love「愛のため」features non-linear gameplay written by Nanikashi.

Undying Love 「不変の愛」Synopsis

Hikaru Egawa is the lead singer of the popular idol group "Kuroba no Kaze." Most of the group's fans are fine, but some have no respect for boundaries. Fed up with these crazy fans, Hikaru seeks out a "normal" life. Along the way, he finds friendship, frustration, new experiences, and love.

Real Love 「愛のため」Synopsis

Akatsuki Chiyo, a high school student in Japan fell in love with Hikaru Egawa, the famous idol group "Kuroba no Kaze". And one day, he comes to her school to meet her. Would Akatsuki successfully reach her love towards Hikaru?

Why Kickstarter? 

Since the project involves many members from various fields including Japanese voice acting, music, art, programming, etc, the final product is going to be a massive, quality product which everyone has put a lot of their effort into. 

We would like the project to be on Kickstarter so that we can have more attention and receive financial & moral support from the public.

With your support, we can properly continue developing it to become a game that's enjoyable for everyone.




Manga Page Preview


Lacking something in your life? Check out our Add-Ons! 

 +$3 One Poster 

+$5 Digital copy of Manga 

+$5 Digital copy of Music 

+$10 Digital Copy of Music 

+$20 Light Novel 

+$30 Manga 

+$50 Physical Art Book


2D&3D Animator: Long Sempei

Writers:Undying Love - Brannon WyndesorReal Love - Nakanishi WP

Concept Artist: Fa Rend Aara

Sprite Artist: Bimo & Iky no Pen

Chibi Artist: Yudi Pratama Febriandi

CG Artist: Phin Pin, Guardian-Panda

Composer: Angelis, Cheyuna, Houyuu, Ve, A. Law

Mangaka: Dimaz Wahyu

Heads-Up! We got a bonus for you!

Another of our works, Happa no Tsuba from the group/company of IJINMEI, the digital copy will be sent for free, for the backers of Love Series visual novel, we will be sending our visual novel and Happa no Tsubasa in August, 2016!

Risks and challenges

Reaching our funding goals will allow us to completely focus on this project other than school. With already a lot of time invested in it, the Kickstarter is the last push we will need to definitely deliver you to the two visual novels, Undying and Real Love.

We are also being advised on creating the visual novel by several people with experience and will strive to create the best possible finished product with your support.



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