Low Power Radio Station
Low Power Radio Station

This project has already launched.

Recently I was interviewed by a journalist from the Prairie City News which is also owned by Newton Daily News.  He and I spend quite a bit of time talking and me sharing how I started on this journey.

 Lots of people have told me they consider what I am doing to be a important job for the community and love that I am taking this on full steam. 

Here is the link :  http://www.prairiecitynews.com/2017/07/31/i-want-to-put-prairie-city-on-the-map/a4frjkp/?page=1  

This will show you my dedication and how important it is I complete this mission to make this place into a full time low powered radio station and recording studio. Your support is what is important for me to make this happen.

Thank you 

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