TurboFan Computer Case
TurboFan Computer Case

Special Note: See below the description for weekly updates.

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I have just recieved an updated model for the case though it is not complete here are a couple pictures, mainly missing is that the sharp edges will be rounded, and the "ripple" effect is going to be smoothed.


The Product:A Low Noise, High Thermal Cooling Efficiency, Carbon Fiber Computer Case.

What does that mean? A lightweight computer case that will be quieter than many others, and offer unparrallelled cooling. The case will split in half, with a removable motherboard tray for extremely easy computer building, maintenance, and upgrade. 

Case  Features:

  • Lightweight, made from either Fiberglass, Carbon Fiber over Fiberglass, or all Carbon Fiber, depending on what you want.
  • Room to fit 4 FULL SIZE video cards for quad SLI/Crossfire setups
  • Top-Front USB, Audio, and Power Access.
  • 2 3.5" Full size Hard Drive Bays
  • 4 SSD Bays
  • Integrated Cable Management system to keeps everything out of the way
  • Room for FOUR, GIANT fans to keep everything cool, and quiet (2 140mm and 2 120mm)
  • Heat is exhausted out the back where it can be deflected away from you


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Coming to Kickstarter Soon!


Weekly Update 5 - Feb 18, 2015:

Hey everyone, I am sorry for my absence last week I was not feeling good, I should ahve logged in to say hi at least and I am sorry I didn't. So we completely re-designed the case for two reasons, (1)It was way too big, and (2) it was not printing correctly leaving unsightly edges. Now that with the redesign it prints great, the largest change being that we made the plug for the mold much thicker. Since we are printing the plug on a 3d printer the thicker the walls are the longer it takes to print. We thought that since the case walls were going to be about 1mm thick on the finished case we could make the plug the same, but that was impossible to print. so now the walls are 10mm thick but partially hollow. This means it takes about 4 times longer to print. Lucky for us, and you we only have to print one plug to make the initial mold, any remaining molds can be made from an actual case. So the next 1 1/2 weeks will be spent printing out the parts for the case and then about 3 days to make the initial mold. During that time we will be testing the design for the motherboard mounting plate that will also mount the other components. Thats all for now. Next week we hope to show you a mostly completed plug.


Weekly Update 4 - Feb 5, 2015:

Well good news and bad news, the good news is that the higher temperatures fixed the problem and we got a beautiful print to make the mold for the cases from, the bad news is that there was a reason the default temps were set lower, the heater burned itself out when we increased the temp. Last night I ordered a set of 5 heaters for the extruder that are a little more powerful, and now we are expecting to have no problems. The heaters will be in tonight and we will be back up and running. Expect to see a completed (Half) prototype of the case sometime early next week. Once we have that half we can create the mold and then complete our first case, which will be Fiberglass one. The only left to do is once we have the case is fine tune computer component locations so that we can build the mounts for them.  Once That is done the crowdfunding begins.

Weekly Update 4 - Jan 29, 2015:

Hey everyone,

Sorry for the delay in updating everyone, things are going along well, we have completed the inner core for the case, and have started testing the most efficient way to print it, we are also exploring what it would take to switch to injection molding if the demand is there and, it turns out, not much, The only major part is that we cannot make a metal mold large enough to cast the part so we will have to pay someone to make it, but that is not too big of a deal. For now we will stick with 3d printing our core and then glassing it. We were having a lot of problems with gettign the core printed, and learned that someone.....ok, it was me turned down the extruder temperature too low so the layers were not adhering. This was found this morning and explains why all of our prints over the last three days have been failing. Expect an update later in the week on our progress. Until then. :D


Weekly Update 3 - Jan 19, 2015:

Good morning followers, we have received our 3D printer that will be used to print the core of the case. Once the first model is completed later this week I will spend the weekend getting the print settings dialed in and next week we should have our first case printed and fiberglassed. I won't launch our kickstarter until we are 100% complete on the prototype. Be ready though as things should be moving very fast from here. :D #Excited. Also we have decided to update our logo and all backers will recieve voting rights on that logo. 

Weekly Update 2 - Jan 9, 2015:

Not much has happenned this past week, I am expecting the model for the final design to be done sometime next week and once approved it will be ready for production.

     Unfortunetely the manufacturer of our 3D Printer has still not shipped it so other options are being explored.

     Right now we are looking at a February Kickstarter campaign, with a late March/early April shipping time of the perks. With all perks being shipped by the start of summer (June-ish). 

     Our Website should be live in a basic form later on this week and I will post a link to it once it goes live so you can ask any questions.


Weekly Update 1 - Jan 2, 2015:

Even though last week was interrupted by new years holidays a lot has happenned since the original Posting.

  • A new 3D modeler/designer was brought on board.
  • A new 3D printer was purchased that should speed up production times.
  • The Company website is looking great and is almost ready to go live!

We will do our best to bring weekly updates; even if there isn't much to update you on. I hope this year started as well for all of you as it has for Vudoo Customs.

       - John

About our Company:

       This Project is the first in a series from Vudoo Customs a start-up company that will produce anything and everything that is related to composites and other modern  materials. No project is too small or too large, and we apply the Project Management Institutes Methodology to ensure project completion on time and on budget.

       All of our products revolve around a 3D printed honeycomb core made from a special filament that reduces the cost to create high quality high strength composites; while eliminating the need for a mold in most cases. This core is printed in the shape of the needed parts already, eliminating the time consuming need to trim other rolled or sheet core materials that do not provide the same flexibility and strength. The honeycomb shape has been used in military and aerospace applications for decades, now it is coming to the consumer market.  Below is a blown up image of a section of honeycomb, what cannot be seen is the small channels that allow the epoxy resin to flow between chambers ensuring an even wet-out of the composite. Normaly only a few milimeters thick, the diameter of each cell is varied depending on the application.

Special Update:

The perk list is in, they are subject to change but it is not expected too much:


Item Column1 Perk Level
Personal Thank you A Personalized thank you card  $1.00
Personal Thank you and Mention On site A Personalized thank you card & Special 3D Printed Keychain $5.00
Mini 3D Printed Model of the TurboFan Computer Case with self spin fans This is a 1/10th scale replica of the TurboFan Computer Case, you can even spin the fan blades with your fingers. $25.00
Computer Accessories Box A 3 Drawer box to organize standoff screws, cables, zip ties, and other spare computer parts. Also has a special drawer for storign all of your computer component manuals, etc $25.00
Mini 3D Printed Model of the TurboFan Computer Case, with small motors to spin the blades It's basically a really "cool" fan that is pretty quiet, use it to cool you, something you put in it, or aim it at your computer case. Approximately 1/4 Scale, the case top lid will come off to place something inside(if you request it a survey will be sent out)  $50.00
Printed Case Fiberglass ONLY 3D Printed TurboFan case  $120.00
Printed Case Fiberglass - With Fans 3D Printed TurboFan case, Plus 2 massive intake fans  to mount in the front mounts $140.00
Fiberglass W/Custom Color  3D Printed TurboFan case with pigment in the epoxy(Color choices TBD) - Also includes fans $150.00
Printed Case Hybrid(Carbon Fiber With Colored Kevlar) 3D Printed TuroFan case with an outer layer done in a hybrid carbon fiber/colored kevlar layer. This looks amazing, pictures to come. - Also includes fans $180.00
Personalized Fiberglass Case  3D Printed TurboFan case with your choice of customization(Airbrush and colored, or Engraved And colored) - Also includes fans $225.00
Personalized Hybrid Outer Case 3D Printed TurboFan case with an outer layer done in a hybrid carbon fiber/colored kevlar layer. Airbrush design or engraved. - Also includes fans $250.00
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