Love, Tears & Sand
Love, Tears & Sand

This project has already launched.

This is an Adult novel for ages 18+ and above.

Total Funding Goal: 15,000USD

Kickstarter will officially be launched on September 1st 

Hello, everyone! This is our third published anime style English light novel. A brand new one-off series titled "Love, Tears & Sand". It will be about girl on girl and a lot of yuri H-related stuff. The story is written by Hiroto Sumi, a long time fanfic writer and illustrated by The-Sinner, a long time illustrator.

14 Full-color illustration and over 230 pages!!


Ayumi Hosha, a young adult girl who spent her entire life living on an island now desires to save enough money to move to a city on the mainland, and Kanoko Sen, a rich girl who has everything she could ever hope for. The story unfolds as fate connects them when they meet one day in the shop where Ayumi works. How will Ayumi react knowing Kanoko's feeling for her? Discover how they both overcome their fears, objections, and struggles through everything to come to a one epic love conclusion packed with sexy Yuri Hentai action.

About Hiroto Sumi:

Hiroto Sumi enjoys writing original stories based off of dreams, thoughts, Japanese Animation, real life experiences, and vacation trips. Find more of her stories at her fanfiction account.

About The Sinner:

An artist who draw moe and sexy Japanese style and you can call him "The-Sinner". His current job is a freelancer artist and he hopes that everyone will enjoy his work. You can check out his pixiv account here.


 Front Cover




Who are Push Publication?  

Push Publication is a team of creative individuals, and are a brand new start-up company, which publishes their own, original light novels, manga and art books in English. Our mission is to grant those, who wish to publish their own light novels and manga, but are unable to do so due to various restraints, and an outlet to make their dreams a reality. Our team has enigmatic passion towards content quality and strives to make ourselves as a well-known name within the anime, manga and hentai industry.

That is our commitment to you

Why Kickstarter?  

Funding a new project has always been a difficult hurdle to overcome, and we here at Push Publication, are no exception. We hope that by using Kickstarter, we can raise enough funds to continue bringing you quality content, and professionally written, original stories. With the use of Kickstarter, and the massive audience of crowdfunding, we aim to bring you closer to our stories as we possibly can, with direct messages to our board, from our Facebook page, and Twitter response team.

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