Love Is the Answer
Love Is the Answer

This project has already launched.

There are so many questions that arise today, and no one seems to have the answer, but it's so very simple to me, LOVE is the answer...

This project that I will be creating is called "Love Is the Answer". It will include  a music video of the title song "Love Is The Answer" and  also have the CD with ten original songs which will be centered around the theme "Love Is The Answer".The purpose of this project is to promote the idea that no matter the question "Love Is the Answer". Whether its depression, loneliness, poverty, sickness, drug addition, political strife, famine, no matter what the question if we just begin to love and care for one another a lot of these problems if not all would disappear.

In order to facilitate this project there are certain things I need.

1. Upgrade my Project Studio:

My project studio as it stands has served me for many years creating and editing a host of music video's and CD projects for me as well as for my clients and friends but now it's time to upgrade.So with your help we can make beautiful music together...

 a. Fully Loaded 6 core Mac Pro computer and Software $5,000

 b. Neumann U87 Condenser Microphone $3,500

 c. Pro Tools  Digital Recording Work Station $5,000

 e. Alesis Strike Pro Drum Set $ 2,500

 f. Yamaha Motif XF Synthesizer $ 3,500


2. CD Video Production 

a. Production cost will be done in house by my production team at the low cost of 5,000 which includes recording and mixing audio, recording and editing video.

3. Mastering

a. To be done by Master Phonics 5,000.

4. Manufacturing and Duplication

a. Disk Makers 4,500

5. Distribution

a. CD Baby 1,000

Total 35,000 for the project

 By having my own project studio I have minimized the challenges with this new project. It is important though that I get the funds to upgrade my studio so that I can facilitate a more professional sounding product. I know what it take to complete a project and I am more than capable to complete this one. I already have completed three CD project a lyric video and have co-produced projects and one is being distributed internationally.

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