Love Infusion
Love Infusion

This project has already launched.

I want to start a LOVE movement - I want to Infuse the World With Love & build Love Infusion into a business - my target market would be EVERYONE, over 7 billion people, we all need more Love & Positivity in our lives :)

Current followers on FB - 2400+ :)

I am currently in the process of building my website as well: I am getting involved with affiliate programs as well - just got accepted by my first - Craftsy.

We're on Twitter too:

I will be offering my original quotes & pics on calendars, greeting cards, t-shirts, mugs, bookmarks, key-chains, you name it !

I will also be offering meditations, my original creations; at the moment I hold monthlies every 11th.

#InfuseTheWorldWithLove was our first event:

followed by our 2nd Monday, July 11th: #CelebrateLifeAndLove

and our 3rd today !

And lastly, I will have a page on my site dedicated to my original artwork, I will sell the original pieces, prints & posters.

All with a positive message of Love, Peace, Harmony & Unity.

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