"Los Invisibles" The Story of Immigrant Families in Third World America

Los Invisibles is a student produced documentary that will tell the story of immigrant families living in the Rio Grande Valley, TX. Trapped in between the U.S-Mexico border and the federal checkpoints located 60 miles north, these families are living in limbo between the two countries in an area known locally as "the Valley."

This documentary will put a human face on the immigration debate, telling the stories of many of the youth and children caught in the middle of this debate. This documentary will explore why so many of these immigrants are willing to risk everything to avoid humanitarian crisis, violence, drugs, and corruption in their own countries and why returning home would endanger their lives. 

This project has been in the works since January and filming will occur the week of March 24. On March 4th, we were informed by our professor that because of an innocent mistake made by our school's faculty, this project will no longer be funded by our university. We have 20 days to raise our goal of $3500 to cover travel, filming and post-production expenses. 





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