Lord of Poker
Lord of Poker



The Lord of Poker is a Role-playing Poker Game (RPPG).
is a unique gaming genre that combines poker, an RPG, and a fantasy card gameand expands your gaming experience through innovative gameplay. When developing the original idea we were inspired by such video games as HoMM 3, Hearthstone and Dota 2.

You can see the current status of the game’s development in the chart below. We have been into the idea of the Lord of Poker for more than a year now and we are strongly determined to complete the game. We've come as far as we can and we need your help! Every pledge gets us a step closer to our goal.

Lord of Poker is Unity based. Initially we will deliver the game to PC and Mac OSX. Hopefully, we will port Lord of Poker to all popular gaming and mobile platforms enjoying the benefits of one centralized server.

Lord of Poker will be downloaded for free from the website. A monthly subscription at the price of $10 will be required to play the game. Please, note that each reward (starting from $5 pledge) includes the subscription for the number of months named in that reward.

We are planning to enable the best players to withdraw the real money from the game through the freeroll-type Main Tournament to be held monthly. Presumably, up to 10 % of the total amount of subscriptions for the respective month will be distributed as the prize pool in the Main Tournament.

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