Long Film project
Long Film project "The Hybrid"

This project has already launched.

We are two foreigners and one Chinese citizen which just opened an entertainment company in China Mainland which has the name ShuYi Entertainment. We are now searching for founders to help us reach our found goal of HK$ 356 000. We have been working hard with the calculation of how much money we need to not walk away with more money in our pockets, than what we need for the production itself. We want to create a long-film project, which has the name “The Hybrid”. The whole move production will contain both Chinese and foreign staff/actors and the main languages in the film will be English and Chinese.

The whole film project has the story line of the original Vampire Lilliana Langridge and her family which need to work with the Alpha Werewolf Ziqian to fight off the war with the newborn Hybrids. If this sounds interesting for you, then you can keep on reading!

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