Location Inderpendent Micro Eneterpise Scholarship
Location Inderpendent Micro Eneterpise Scholarship

Help us train Community Leaders to create local employment.
Leaders will train people how to create their own business using minimal cost methods.
THE PROBLEM The problem is simple - Funding and Training are the most needed resources to help a local community create jobs and change the future for this generation and the generations to come. The local communities have the leaders who are willing to dedicate their lives to helping their community but they do not have the resources in the form of funding and training to deliver the much needed solutions.

THE SOLUTION We want to offer 10 fully funded Location Independent Micro Enterprise (L.I.M.E.) training scholarships to local leaders committed to empowering their communities. We will teach leaders how to create an e-commerce product site that is designed to produce a minimum yearly income of $30,000.

We will help the leaders pass this knowledge on to their students to enable them to be self-sufficient and not reliant on benefits and other funding sources. The Scholarship will include all the resources required to develop the e-commerce site plus the necessary training and mentoring to make the site successful.

HOW IT WORKS We will provide 10 Location Independent Micro Enterprise (L.I.M.E.) training scholarships which will provide a 10 month intensive training program where the community leader is trained in every aspect of building and running a micro enterprise. Unlike so many of the micro enterprise models operating today which are subsistence living models, the LIME scholarship will use the latest Internet technology to enable the local community leader to access hidden opportunities. The scholarship will provide all of the resources needed to deliver the training and the individual micro enterprise development including :
• Business research
• Marketing research
• Product development
• Website Development
• Marketing and sales
• Complete self-paced learning platform
• Mentorship.

Each of the community leaders will be required to mentor others during and after the course to empower them to transform their own personal situation. The people being mentored need to have
the same heart attitude to help and assist others to develop a better community.
Nothing brings a higher sense of self-worth than being a fully productive and employed member of a team that has the goal to empower all around them to a better life. A Location Independent Micro Enterprise (L.I.M.E.) training scholarship will link communities and help bring sustainable job creation and commerce opportunities to areas with a long history of poverty and unemployment.

When families gain this new, sustainable income, it brings new opportunities for development within the local community; building value and a new sense of pride whilst reaching out to their local communities.

Passing on the Gift
The core of our model is Passing on the Gift. This means that the trained local community leaders share the training and knowledge they receive, and pass on this training through mentoring others in their local community. This extends the impact of the original gift, allowing a local community to duplicate what we have provided .
Each of those being trained and mentored will become mentors and full participants in improving their communities. The goal of this project is to help the local community leaders achieve self-reliance.
We do this by providing them the tools they need to sustain themselves, thanks to the
generosity of donors like you.

We have taken most of the steps toward getting the Location Independent Micro Enterprise (L.I.M.E.) training scholarship ready for delivery, but we need your support to take the next vital steps.

We plan to open local community leader applications in January 2017 and will enrol our first scholarship students in February 2017. This campaign will raise the funds we need to prepare the lessons and working materials for students.

WHAT WILL THE FUNDS BE USED FOR? Our goal of $30,000 will enable us to provide 10 fully funded Location Independent Micro Enterprise (L.I.M.E.) training scholarships. It will enable us to complete development of the learning platform and systems to provide these scholarships and systems for future community leaders to Pass on the Gift to others. Each $3,000 scholarship consists of :
• All technical materials and ongoing support
• All educational lessons (Over 50)
• Resources, eBooks and video training to keep
• Group and individual mentoring over the duration and after graduation.

WHAT YOU WILL GET FOR YOUR CONTRIBUTION When you contribute to the Location Independent Micro Enterprise (L.I.M.E.) training scholarship you will become part of the transformation of 10 local community leaders and their communities. As a HERO to these local community leaders you can also select some perks that will encourage youto spread the word about what we are doing and help another group become financially, emotionally and socially better off.

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