Live The Chase Web Series
Live The Chase Web Series

Live the Chase is a new webseries to be produced during the 2015 Chase Season. We want to take you on the road with us as we chase storms across the US. Giving you an in-depth look at storm chasing and what it takes. 

We will show you some of the basic equipment used, how we predict when and where storms will be popping up, and storm safety.

Stay tuned for more updates regarding the series, we plan to launch a Kickstarter or IndieGoGo page in March of 2015.

What is it?

Live to Chase is a team of Storm Chasers. We go out, hunt storms, provide the National Weather Service with reports, and document the events. Reports from spotters on the ground is critical for the National Weather Service, this allows them to provide accurate reports for the public.

Who are they?

Jacob Rhoads - Navigator, Director
  Jacob helps navigate the team using road maps, and routing software. He reviews weather models to help position the team for a good view of the sever weather. He is also the Director, Camera Operator and Editor of the series.
Bryan Melland - Driver, Forecaster
  Bryan is one of the drivers for the team. Bryan started chasing in 1994 with just radio and police scanner. He caught his first tornado just west of Northfield, Minn, he was hooked, but his truck driving career had to come first. Now that he has retired in 2008 he chases full time, devoting most of his time to Kansas Oklahoma and Texas, he has been known to go as far East as Arkansas far west as New Mexico and of course North to Minnesota and Wisconsin.
Joseph Bajza - Driver, Forecaster
  Joseph works with other team members to determine the optimal place to chase. Using weather models to predict weather conditions, he places the team right where they want to be. Joseph has been chasing for 3 years now and is loving every minute of it.

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