Live Beacon: The World's Simplest iBeacon
Live Beacon: The World's Simplest iBeacon

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The World’s Simplest iBeacon

Live Beacon is a small, battery-powered, cloud-controlled device that transmits web content and notifications to nearby smartphones.

It broadcasts any web page, video or web app up to 30 meters (100 feet) and is easily updated using the included Cloud Portal.

With the free Live Beacon app, your iOS or Android smartphone automatically receives a notification whenever there's a beacon nearby, and changes content as you move from beacon-to-beacon.

Live Beacon makes it possible for anyone to send location-specific information — without a single line of code — to create awesome iBeacon experiences, such as:

Information Points: Replace brochures, pamphlets and anything else that's printed with beacons that transmit online content. Save time and money printing, never run out of copies, update the content instantly, and be more environmentally friendly!

Self-guided Tours: Create multimedia tours for cities, museums, galleries and attractions by placing beacons near points of interest. Visitors get to use their own smartphones and tablets rather than clunky handsets.

Games & Activities: Make fun treasure hunts to keep participants active and entertained. Play to their competitive spirit by 'gamifying' the real world — gotta find ‘em all!

Loyalty & Rewards: Build a digital loyalty card for your customers. Don’t expect them to carry around yet another rewards card; just tap the beacon at the counter to collect a stamp.

Automation & IoT: Simplify access to any device with a web interface. For example, open the Live Beacon app next to your home router to see Internet usage; skipping the login page and going straight to the bit that's useful.

Live Beacon is available now on Kickstarter!

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