Little Stories: Your Child Is a Hero!
Little Stories: Your Child Is a Hero!


Little Stories is the first app in the world where your child becomes a main character in fairy tales.


You just need to enter child’s name and choose his gender, after that you are ready to read interesting stories about your son or daughter.

Each fairy tale has about 40 illustrations for both genders! You will read a story in 2-3 minutes, so it’s more like a cartoon than a simple text with pictures. Our fairy tales teach children to love and respect their parents, to help people, to be more confident and brave, to find new friends and etc.

Do you want to read for a boy or for a girl?

Now imagine that we will add a special feature. What feature? Voice recording! Now children can watch fairy tales which are recorded with their parents voice. It means that every story in our app will be much more interesting to watch and to listen. Even if you are not at home, you still can be with your child through our app Little Stories. Your child would love to hear you in those fairy tales!

You can also read these stories for your younger brothers and sisters or even for yourself (if you felt in childhood) :)

Planned release date: 20th of March

First app version doesn't include voice recording feature.


What's inside:

  • Four interesting stories
  • 150+ beautiful illustrations
  • Five catchy soundtracks
  • Very good mood

And this is only the beginning!

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