Little Maxima
Little Maxima

This project has already launched.

VR currently is mostly being used to play games. We have with us the best empathy machine and all we are doing with it is try and kill zombies.

Fake news has been one of the villains of this election. Many solutions have been provided, one of them is censorship.
I personally oppose it. Giving the power to decide what is fake news or not to few people will surely be abused by them in the long run.

A better approach in my opinion is to present multiple articles on the same topic. You can read what left-leaning CNN has to say about gun rights or abortion and you can also read what right-leaning Fox news has to say about the same topic.

This also solves the problem of filter-bubble which happens on Twitter and Facebook. 

I want to build the world's best news app, not just the best VR news app. Instead of just reading about bombing in Syria, imagine actually being taken there in VR. You can see the destruction caused by the war and how it is affecting Syrians with 360 images and videos along with the article.

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