LitlBot - Delivering a more engaging
LitlBot - Delivering a more engaging "in classroom" experince

This project has already launched.

LitlBot is your digital assistant that enables realtime interactions between students and teachers in class. Run a "raise your hand" kind of poll, quizes, course feedbacks during the lecture.

Encourage inclusiveness by letting the shy ones ask questions and raise doubts in an anonymous way during class.

Crowdsource the topics for doing your review sessions.

Instantly create study groups, assign group projects and nudge students along by being part of each study group's discussions.

Give students class participation credit instantly.

Assign readings, give students tasks and setup reminders for students to keep them on track.

Schedule office hours appointments and track student attendance.

Litlbot works on Slack and would soon support Skype and HipChat. This means you can do all of the above while never leaving the comfort of your favorite instant messenger.

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