LishaBora Hydroponics
LishaBora Hydroponics

LishaBora Hydroponics Ltd. uses hydroponic farming to produce high nutrient

fodder that enables smallholder dairy farmers to increase milk production. Through

consultation with over 100 farmers, veterinarians and nutritionists, it has become

clear that low levels of milk production is a chronic problem in Kenya caused by

deficiency in nutrients in feedstock. In 2008, 11.8 million cows in Kenya produced

over three billion liters of milk, over 70% of which was produced by smallholder

farmers. This is nearly half the production level of other similar economies.

Hydroponics is growing plants without soil, a technique which is able to produce

large quantities of fodder quickly with very little space, water or fertilizers.

LishaBora will develop locally based installations producing high quality hydroponic

fodder that will enable small dairy farmers to increase milk production by up to

30% while reducing costs. In January 2015 a pilot system will be established in

Kiambu. Once the technique and market have been proven, we will build twenty

more systems producing almost 14,000kg of fodder a day. In five years time we can

have 500 systems growing over 600,000kg of fodder a day serving over 12,000


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