The Liquor Fixer
The Liquor Fixer

Originally, The Liquor Fixer was designed to filter water impurities out of water. Where I live, the water is yellow, has a lot of chlorine and tastes terrible. Unacceptable and the PUR, Brita and Zero, either didn't do a good job or the cartridge had to be changed out frequently making it expensive and inconvienent. 

I decided to do something about it that would be more affordable and capable of filtering a lot of water including rainwater. We live in the country. Naturally, for ranchers, there's a need for clean, safe rainwater.

So began the journey. That was in 2005. Many prototypes have come and gone and a a great deal of reading and of learning has occurred. There is so much information about water purification and activated charcoal that it boggles the mind.

Eventually, I learned how to use AutoCad and was able to create the working drawings for the filtering system. This system will create both The Water Fixer and The Liquor Fixer

Now, I've finally reached the crossroads of getting a real product made. There are three components, but only one needs to be made by plastic injection. The rest I can make in my shop.  It costs about $5,000.00 to $6,000 for the mold to be made and to have a run of parts created. I'm seeking $10,000.00 in funding for start up, packaging, marketing and insurance.

The Water Fixer is a product I plan to take to the UN and FEMA for emergency water filtration. A four-year-old can use it easily for water. The Liquor Fixer and Water Fixer both use the same mold and parts. The water Fixer will use recycled plastic his is ugly and cheaper but it performs exactly at the same specs as the more expensive black plastic part.

Liquor Fixer refines cheaper brands of whiskey like Evans and refines it to a Gentleman Jack smoothness without affecting the flavor.

Liquor Fixer refines harsh alcohol spirits by removing the microscopic impurities. These impurities create that nasty burn and taste you get after a sip of whiskey, tequila, vodka, rum and even water. This system is many more times better than systems like Brita or Zero. Liquor Fixer is designed exclusively for alcoholic beverages. 

Imagine paying $8.00 for a cheaper brand of whiskey and getting a $40.00 bottle of quality whiskey instead? Liquor Fixer, pays for itself the very first time you use it. And it filters up to 10,000 liters* before the filter needs to be changed.


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