Linner - The world’s lightest active noise cancelling earbuds
Linner - The world’s lightest active noise cancelling earbuds

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Linner - The world lightest active noise-canceling earbuds

Reduce up to 95% ambient noise

 [What is Linner]

Linner is the world's lightest pair of earbuds that make every song crystal clear with noise-cancelling technology and the Lightning Connector.  



“First time? All the time!”

Sometimes listening to the sounds of nature or the sounds of the people around you can be an enlightening experience, but sometimes it isn’t. Whether you’re always in crowded areas, working at your desk, or a frequent commuter noise cancelling can be a much needed feature. Not to mention that they help you focus on what’s important: the music. If it is your first time trying noise-cancelling headphones, Linner is the best choice.



Linner is the world’s lightest active-noise-cancelling (ANC) earbud unit that you can take anywhere to achieve quieter, more focused sound.  Its revolutionary earbuds are designed to provide you with a comfortably secure fit, exceptional portability, and high performance sound quality, all while saving you tons of money compared to mainstream earbuds.

“Hear what you want, and block out the rest!”




The minimal design of our earbud controller makes it super slim and lightweight. Grab Linner and go!


ANC(Active Noise cancellation) Mode

By eliminating up to 95% of ambient background noise around you, Linner gives you a listening experience free of distractions. Premium sound emphasizes on bass

Awareness mode

Awareness mode allows you to temporarily disengage noise cancellation to hear what’s happening around you without having to remove your earbuds. Stay safe and aware!


Hearing impairment prevention

Unlike regular headphones, Linner blocks out unwanted sounds, so you can keep your volume at reasonable, ear-friendly levels and prevent hearing impairment.


Lightning connector

Require no battery, Linner takes power and audio directly from the Lightning connector on your next-generation Apple devices.


[User Scenarios]


"Shut out the world around you, and immerse yourself in the task at hand!"





[How It Works]

How it works: Talk, listen, quiet


Available Functions:

  • Play/Pause/

  • Start/Receive calls

  • Activate Siri or Google Now

  • ANC Mode

  • Awareness Mode

  • *Even if Linner runs out of power, it will still function like regular earbuds



“A small size gives you freedom!”

Our Linner earbuds are incredibly small and convenient.  It fits comfortably in any pocket and makes you bring your music on the go! It only weighs 19.6g compared with similar ANC earbuds. 




Speaking with disruptive Linner ANC technology

We make the magic happen with Linner ANC technology, which absorbs ambient sound with microphones, processes the incoming sound waves, and creates inverse waves to offset them.


The test results shows that Linner is designed to work on the frequency range between 45Hz - 3kHz, which blocks 95% of noise around us in the daily life from snoring to plane engine with a noise deduction of 26 dbs


Active-Noise-Cancelling or Noise Isolating?

We have seen many of the noise-isolating headphones available on the market nowadays. While noise-isolating technology can physically block the background noise to some extent, it does not reduce as much as ANC, and it can also be uncomfortable to wear for longer periods.



[Tech Specifications]



System: Dynamic

Weight: 19.6g (0.69 ounces) with cable

Sweat proof: IP56

Design: in-ear

Dynamic Drivers: 13mm , 32 ohms

Mail connection: 3.5mm stereo mini-jack plug



Talking microphone: ECM*1 , ANC/Monitor microphone: MEMS*2


Radius 13mm,32ohm

Frequency range: 10Hz – 22kHz

Sensitivity @1kHz: 101 dB SPL/V (Passive), 102.5 dB SPL/V (ANC Active) / 最新数据是101 dB SPL/V (Passive), 105 dB SPL/V (ANC Active)


Noise Cancellation

Up to 26dB

Working Frequency Range: 45 Hz - 3k Hz


19mAh, Playback at least 3 hours; Recharging 2 hours;

Input:USB Type A, 5V±10%

Output:DC 5V, 50mA



Compatible with most mobile devices, such as iPhone and Android, laptops and desktops.



[What’s in the box]


2 Versions Available Now:

Linner ANC earbuds - for users who have regular devices with 3.5mm headphone jack

Linner ANC earbuds with Lightning connector - for users who will have next generation Apple devices without 3.5mm headphone jack

Liner Headphone

USB charging adapter

3 pairs ear bud(S, M, L)

2 pairs ear hook(S, L)

User manual



Vivian Huang, CEO

With an EMBA degree in Tsinghua University and an international trade degree from Xi'an International Studies University, Vivian Huang has more than 17 years experience in leading consumer electronics manufactures.


Jeff Lee, CTO

More than 20 years R&D experience in mobile and consumer electronic products. Previously worked for a famous acoustic company.


Bond Zhao, CMO

With a finance degree from Michigan State University, Bond Zhao has seen hardware and e-commerce success in his business ventures in both China and the United states.  He is the former president of Broad China Business Society, and limited partner at Newdo Venture, an Investment Company at Silicon Valley.  


Zoey Liu, CFO

With an finance & accounting degree from Shenzhen University, Zoey was the CFO of Southwest Jiaotong University Scientific and Technological Industry Group, Shenzhen. She is experienced in financial accounting, Merger & Acquisition and financing.


Barry Lui, Chief Electrical Engineer

Barry has a Master degree of Electrical Circuits and Systems, and 10 years electronic design experience of acoustic products.


Wolf Lee, Chief Mechanical Engineer

More than 10 years mechanical design experience in consumer electronic products. 7years headset mechanical experience. Designed many famous audio product in the world.


Kennith huang, Chief Acoustic Engineer

12 years acoustic design experience at famous acoustic company, act as the chief acoustic engineer.

[How We Get There]


By contributing to our project and help us get the Linner into market, you will not only get a great product, but also support a young company consisting of passionate and diligent engineers with many ideas and profound visions.


Your contribution will be used to mass production.  



2015 Sep - First concept and ergonomic design

2015 Oct  - Further design

2015 Nov - Prototyping

2016 Apr - Trial production I

2016 Jul - Trial production II

2016 Aug - Kickstarter          2016 SEP - Kickstarter

2016 Oct - Mass production

2016 Nov - First batch delivery

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