Linear Calendar App
Linear Calendar App


The only calendar app to display all of time on a single, uninterrupted timeline.

The Linear Calendar defies conventional calendar design in order to conform to our natural perception of time. Instead of breaking time into a grid format and separating it into multiple pages, we've created the Linear Calendar to portray an entire year on a single, uninterrupted timeline.

This creates a wonderfully natural sense of time, clearly and visually communicating how many days, weeks, or months between any given dates. Weekends are shaded in light grey and months are separated by a thin black line, transforming breaks in time from mere data to spatial information.

The Linear Calendar App is inspired by the Linear Calendar and is the most unique calendar app that exists. The concept is simple - instead of cutting up time into unnatural grids and page, display time on a continuous timeline. This portrayal of time conforms to our natural view of time as a single, uninterrupted stream.

Weekends are shaded to help give context, and the view can be resized to view an entire year on one screen or just a few days, as shown above.

The app will go live on Kickstarter in 2014 and will be developed and release shortly thereafter.

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